Comprehensive IT Support services for companies in Randburg

Few IT companies in Randburg offer the no-risk guarantee on IT support contracts that ASG does.

In addition to offering the widest range of support services and products, ASG has raised the bar in terms of customer satisfaction and professional service delivery.
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There are many IT companies offering different pricing for the same services and response time for these IT services. This is important to us so if we fail to match the response times as stipulated in your support contract, you are able to charge a penalty fee. You therefore never have to pay for services you do not receive.

ASG is an IT support company in Randburg and we benefit from a number of associations and partnerships with leading IT and business solution partners to offer you the most comprehensive IT support services available. These partnerships guarantee our ability to meet your needs, keep your focus on the business while we focus on your IT infurstrucure.

ASG offers an unlimited service desk, meaning that you do not have the stress of additional costs incurred every time a problem arises.

The same applies to our help desk. Not only do we offer you unrivalled support but things that are often overlooked, such as the upgrade of patches, malware and anti-virus software.

We also scan your network bandwidth use to notify you of any drains that might slow down your system as well as a host of other products.

Take advantage of our money back guarantee which states that if you are not happy with our service in the first four months you can cancel with only 24 hour notice, and we will refund you for 30 days of service, no questions asked.

Our services are available all of Gauteng and Johannesburg to serve you and your business.

Does your company have IT problems that are giving you sleepless nights?

ASG offers an All-inclusive, Comprehensive and Customised IT Support Solutions for a low Fixed Monthly Fee

ASG is one of the leading IT companies in Randburg and offers professional Outsourced IT Support Services.

  • If your business has between 10 to 250 PCs, we can provide you with a customisable IT Solution with professional expertise at an affordable rate, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is always performing at its peak.
  • We have been in the IT industry for over 30 years as an Outsourced IT Company where we have helped reduce and minimise technological & IT security risks, lower operational costs and make sure that everything, with regard to IT, is running smoothly.
  • Our goal is to no add you as a customer but to build relationships that are long term and become a partner in your business as your CIO & Outsourced IT Department. 
  • We have various monitoring solutions that keep track of your IT to ensure we resolve any problem that arises as soon as possible so that we focus on your IT while you focus on running your business.

How do you begin with ASG?

Many IT Companies in Randburg make it complicated where we keep it simple and in plain English

We meet with you to discuss your IT frustrations and understand more about your business. We will assess your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive IT & Technology Assessment worth R6500 for free  (under 2 hours, no commitment or payment required) to determine where your information technology and IT security is at risk and then provide you with a clear and concise road map to mitigate all IT problems.

Our Technology Assessment includes:

  • Our Key accounts manager and IT specialists will visit you at your office to review IT infrastructure, servers, firewall, network security, internet and wireless connectivity, backup procedures, UPS and power requirements etc. 
  • We help create your clear and concise IT plan for the next 2 years to ensure that you know where your IT infrastructure and systems needs to be reconfigured to best practice, replaced, upgraded or implemented to ensure uptime for your critical business systems. 
  • Our IT consultant will meet with you to explain your Technology Assessment in plain English and discuss ways we can help your business.

Managed IT Services

ASG provides managed IT Support Services in Randburg to minimise downtime and keep your technology running with proactive maintenance.

IT Security & Cybersecurity

Protect your IT infrastructure from theft, viruses and hacks with our IT security software and hardware.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Preserve your data, documents and information from data loss or any unexpected events.

Remote Support

Get Remote IT Support for practically anywhere. Our remote connections are secure and encrypted to ensure safety.


We have over 85 companies that outsource their IT to us. Our customers have shown continuous appreciation for how we provide our full attention and service to them and their business when they need their IT problems fixed. This is mainly because our support services are the most professional, comprehensive and swift services out there. We have found other IT Companies in Randburg to maintain a speedy service but quite often forget to maintain their quality and professionalism.
That is where our years of experience and knowledge (over 30+ years)  have helped and are helping many companies in Randburg because we have an entire team of 45+ trained IT professionals behind them to ensure that no matter how many problems arise we are there to solve it and at the same time make sure that we are consolidating your IT spend while keeping your IT infrastructure running at the optimal and pristine condition.
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