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PBX Phone Systems in Pretoria - What Are They About?

SMBs and larger companies are switching to networked communication models. The agility and versatility of PBX phone systems in Pretoria are low maintenance, and they can connect seamlessly with other cloud-based systems. We also install PBX phones in Johannesburg and Sandton, among other areas.

A cloud-based PBX network is a Voice over Internet Protocol or (VoIP) service.  It brings together communication networks without the requirement of a hardware setup. They cost less and have an incomparable level of adaptability versus the traditional communication networks.

Cloud PBX is a cloud-based Private Branch eXchange system that provides users access through to hosted server in a data centre via an internet connection. This eliminates the requirement of a dedicated on-premises server in the workplace.

A hosted PBX is a great way for organizations to save money and space as the traditional PBX servers are expensive and occupy a great deal of space. Traditional PBX are also more complex to install and maintain which is one of the reasons cloud-based networks are increasing demand. With a stable Internet connection, the modern virtual PBX phone systems are very reliable.


ASG Can Provide You With All PBX Installation Solutions

Our team of onboard experts offer various PBX services to fulfil any need that our customers may have!

By choosing ASG as your go-to PBX installer you will receive the following benefits:

  • Superior Internet connectivity services
  • Superior call quality and HD video conferencing
  • Complete cloud PBX systems
  • Affordable VoIP phones, conferencing equipment, and hardware
  • Modern remote telephone system functionality
  • Outstanding after sale service and support
  • 99.999% uptime and military-grade data centres
  • Secure end to end encrypted business communication using TLS and SRTP protocols


How Does Cloud-PBX Work?

Cloud PBX works by connecting all your VoIP communication devices to a subscription-based service provider.

Cloud PBX systems are unique because the servers are distributed globally. With such geological redundancy, disasters cause less trouble, and when one worker server goes down, there are others to keep up the pace. Most of the PBX system providers ensure 99.999% uptime for their services. Reliability is vital for organisations changing over from a conventional phone system to a cloud-based PBX phone system.

When unifying communications within a global enterprise, this type of system is the perfect fit. With a cloud phone system, all offices can use the same communication system simultaneously, even if they are in different cities. Despite this adaptability and functionality, hosted PBX systems keep up the features of the facilities that can be found within standard PBX networks. For instance, enterprises will have the option to use enterprise-quality IP phones, virtual phones, cell phones, and conference phones on hosted PBX services.


Cloud-based PBX systems also offer the following scalability features:

Call Queuing

As you know that clients prefer direct attention. Cloud PBX systems can put in-coming calls from clients in a queue so your customer service provider agents can accept calls easily.

Interactive Voice Recording (IVR)

ASG providers IVR facility, which uses programming to control call flow for clients through the business. ASG uses AI-based systems that work with our PBX system to better serve inbound guests.

Conferencing Calling

With software solutions that use cloud-based PBX, Online conferencing has become simpler. An environment for teamwork and collaboration can be added with the click of a button.

Inbound Call Management

Call-centre managers can provide oversight for compliance and agent coaching purposes. This adds further adaptability of their services.

Here are some of the features for inbound call management:

  • Call Barging: This permits supervisors to enter the conference bridge while agents are communicating with leads. This can help with lead conversions in outbound call-centres.
  • Call Recordings: Call recordings are helpful for prudence, compliance, and training.
  • Call Monitoring: Some virtual PBX provides an additional facility of call monitoring, which is used in conjunction with call barging to guarantee quality and power conversions. Call monitoring is additionally an incredible way for managers and directors to verify that agents are performing.


Cloud PBX Benefits

Flexibility: Adding and/or removing clients is a simple exercise.

Upgradability: Software updates are managed remotely by the service provider without the need for local specialists.

Scalability: Scaling up is taken care of seamlessly by the service providers.


Who do you choose when requiring a Cloud PBX provider or installer in Pretoria?

There are numerous of IT companies that provide PBX solutions but only a couple can provide a PBX solution and installation to businesses of diverse sizes. Finding a specialist and well-trained IT company in Pretoria is not a clear-cut process especially when dealing with technology that includes tailored proposals.

ASG has been observed to be one of the highly qualified IT Companies in Pretoria that are competent enough when installing tailored PBX proposals. In terms of capabilities and being in the IT industry, ASG has the most experience with over 30 years of involvement.


Trusted PBX Phone System Installers In Pretoria

ASG is a leading PBX phone system installer in Pretoria. We are committed to providing better communication facilities in a workplace. Our emphasis is on helping businesses becoming successful at what they do providing reliable Internet access as well as superior communication facilities.

ASG’s Cloud PBX installation services were observed to be the most qualified in the industry not only because of experience but also for the following installation and setup features:

  • ASG can help businesses install the solution for the first time and for business who are relocating their existing phone systems to other premises.
  • ASG has the can setup a business with the new PBX solution within 7-14 days.
  • PBX solution from ASG can flawlessly work on fibre connections or LTE connections as long as the connection is constant.
  • The failover solutions that ASG implements will ensure that backup internet is in place without any calls dropping
  • ASG is one of the few cloud-based PBX providers in Pretoria that you can request a proposal in advance so that you can get a PBX solution that is customised to your business’s IT infrastructure.


Pay only for the users needed on the phone system.


New users can be added with ease and at any time.


Dozens of helpful features available to your business.


Usable on Windows, iOS or even mobile phones.


Connect from anywhere as a unified solution.


Connect from anywhere as a unified phone system.

Contact us to get your cloud-based phone systems.