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Are your servers, firewalls and network protected against hackers, malicious viruses and ransomware?

Our certified Security specialists can assess your network with our vulnerability assessment tools and provide a plan to address your IT security concerns.

ASG Vulnerabilities Assessments Service

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability and risk assessments are developed to detect vulnerabilities within your network and data. Having an external vulnerability scan and analysis performed (pen test) on your network will identify weaknesses that external hackers can exploit and gain access to your network. Internal vulnerability and security testing performed on your internal systems will identify your businesses security weaknesses that internal threats can exploit. These exploits can originate from displeased staff, fraud perpetrators and social engineers.

Advantages of performing vulnerability and risk assessments on your business:

  • Detect known security exposures before any attackers find them.
  • Create a record of all the devices on the network, as well as their purpose and system information. This also includes vulnerabilities connected with a specific device.
  • Generate an inventory of all the devices in the enterprise to assist with the planning of upgrades and future assessments.
  • Benchmark the level of risk that exists on the network and implement a plan to begin to reduce this risk.
  • Establish of a business risk/benefit curve and use continuous improvement to enhance security investments.

It’s vital to partner with security experts who can help you identify vulnerabilities and risks within your business. That’s why ASG has developed the tools and processes that are necessary to perform a comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessment as well as penetration testing to assist your business with securing its network and data and ensuring that your IT infrastructure is up to date and secure.

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