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Who’s Who In South African IT?

A list of South African IT Companies.

Who’s Who In South African IT?

As the continent’s economic drivers gradually shift away from its natural resources or towards its human capital and innovation, Africa’s IT sector has been flexing its muscles, with fibre optic technology, intelligent applications, and innovation hubs gradually beginning to take the spotlight.

Forecasts show a 9.3 percent compound annual growth rate for the South African ICT market. When it comes to ICT, South Africa is one of the continent’s most important markets. It exemplifies cutting-edge innovation in mobile apps, cyber security, and money transfers.

South Africa’s electronics and information technology sector is cutting-edge and rapidly expanding. Many international tech giants have local representation in South Africa. This list includes the likes of IBM, Unisys, Microsoft, Intel, Systems Application Protocol (SAP), Dell, Novell, and Compaq. It serves as an administrative and commercial hub for the surrounding countries.

Cloud computing services are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial world, and South Africa’s highly developed network infrastructure is expected to help the country’s leading IT companies. South Africa has a high rate of entrepreneurship, which is good news for the country’s most successful tech companies because it means there will be more demand for cloud-based services in the coming years. In this article we wiil explore some of South Africa’s Top 15 IT companies, such as ASG IT Support Services, SevenC, RTTC and many more.

The table below is a list IT companies in South Africa and more about that they do.

Company NameWhat they Do
ASG IT Support ServicesASG is an established provider of IT services with headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over the course of many years, they've provided comprehensive managed IT assistance by delivering customised and state-of-the-art ICT solutions. Helping businesses get the most out of their IT budgets is one of the company's primary missions, and it does so by selecting technology and services that are in line with those goals. ASG is a multi-vendor services organisation with a focus on South Africa and the resources and expertise of a global powerhouse. The company's participation in highly regarded international principles allows it to provide its consumers with the best products and services available at the most affordable pricing. The company has earned customer trust via its commitment to providing exceptional service, transparency, and technical innovation. They care deeply that their customers realise the full potential of their IT budgets.
SevenCSince its founding in 1998, SevenC has grown into a leading provider of IT strategy and support services for large and multinational corporations in South Africa. SevenC's product line provides a comprehensive and well-coordinated solution for a wide variety of enterprise requirements. SevenC is proud of its dedication to offering 24/7/365 support, both proactive and reactive, and continuous monitoring to its clients. This is essential to their business model and one among its defining characteristics. In light of the complexity of today's IT systems, having excellent help is both a necessity and an opportunity for the company.
Real Time Travel Connections (RTTC)Along with its consultation services, Realtime, as the leading technology and support firm for the South African travel sector, uses its expertise in both the internet and the travel business to build websites and networks for its clients. The Internet, global distribution systems (GDS), and e-commerce tactics for the travel industry are just a few of their many areas of competence. They are at the forefront of emerging technologies, bringing their corporate clients innovative options. Since 1995, RealTime has provided South Africa's travel industry with a unique blend of expertise in both travel products and technology. Some of their regular customers are the most prominent travel companies and tour operators in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.
Red ButtonWhen it comes to providing the latest technology to businesses around the country, Red Button is among the best. Founded in 2006 with its headquarters in Cape Town, Red Button is a leading IT company in South Africa. The South African IT company provides state-of-the-art internet and wi-fi to over 200 different institutions, earning it a reputation as leading wi-fi provider.
Euphoria TelecomEuphoria Telecom is one of the best software providers in South Africa, operating on a recipe providing powerful, comprehensive telephony solutions to companies of all sizes. This renowned software firm, founded in 2010 by George Golding and headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Euphoria Telecom is a leading software company in South Africa, serving over a thousand customers with innovative, cloud-based, and fully automated telephonic services. This top IT firm in South Africa pulls in annual revenues of over $20 million.
CipherwaveCipherwave, one of the leading IT companies in South Africa, is the market leader in cloud storage solutions. This Johannesburg-based company has been in the forefront of the South African IT industry since its founding in 2007. Cipherwave has around 200 employees and close to $25M in annual revenue. James Grcic and Jonathon Mason founded this prestigious South African software firm, which provides in-demand data recovery services.
Cisco SystemsCisco Systems encourages its customers in South Africa to transform their businesses into digital enterprises by embracing digital technology. Cisco employs more than 10,000 employees throughout the world, and the company's primary business is in the computer hardware and software industries. Cisco Systems has been in business for over 30 years and is a favourite for internet safety concerns. The company also offers a solution tailor-made for blockchain businesses.
DerivcoThis technology firm is building a better future for online gaming, much to the delight of gamers across the globe. Their products and services are commensurate with the utility and affordability that users should expect from software and IT. Derivco is a worldwide company that employs somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 people and is best known for its IT gaming services. In addition to being the leading software developer for online gaming, Derivco also invents, develops and designs high-tech technology.
Thomson ReutersFor the businesses that keep information turning, Thomson Reuters remains the most reliable source of news, tools, and relevant data. The organisation has over 10,000 dedicated workers across the globe and is focused on providing the best corporate software and network solutions to individuals and businesses. The company combines industry expertise with innovative technology to provide critical information to top decision makers in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, and media markets, all supported by the most reliable news organisation in the world.
EntersektIn 2008, Schalk Nolte, Dewald Nolte, and Niel Müller established Entersekt as one of South Africa's leading information technology companies. The company's administrative heart is located in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It offers biometric systems, online payment authorisation services for businesses and banks, and internet banking security solutions. This prominent South African IT company pulls in over $30,000,000 annually.
AfrihostGian Visser, Brendan Armstrong, and Peter Meintjes, three lifelong friends, hatched the idea for Afrihost out of a shared desire to create an organisation unencumbered by traditional corporate constraints and dedicated to providing customers with first-rate support and advanced offerings. The services provided by Afrihost include cloud storage, mobile data, and broadband Internet access. This leading South African software firm pulls in annual revenues of almost $60 million.
Rectron HoldingsRectron Holdings is one of the top 10 software companies in South Africa, offering B2B choices such as industrial storage and computing services in addition to consumer IT products like smartphones, laptops, and cloud storage. Rectron's primary clientele include channel partners such as resellers, system integrators, managed service providers, online merchants, and brick-and-mortar stores throughout Southern Africa. Rectron Holdings first opened its doors in 1995.
PsybergateChris Naidoo serves as Technical Director at Psybergate, with CEO Fazel Mayet. Both Fazel and Chris, the company's original founders, are still actively involved in day-to-day activities and maintain regular one-on-one contact with all of Psybergate's workers. They are professionals in the fields of voice and data communications, network solutions, systems development, software and database design, development, maintenance, and support. Psybergate offers high-quality IT solutions at affordable prices to a wide range of customers both at home and abroad.
WestechWestech, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is a software development and technology consultancy firm that focuses on serving small and medium-sized businesses. They've been around for a while, around 15 years now. They provide everything from hardware to assistance to networking to software. Their areas of expertise include custom software development, security, IT audits, IT connectivity, networking, online applications, and mobile app creation as well as advice and support services for SMEs. Their mission is to build enduring partnerships with their customers by equipping them with accurate data and practical resources for evaluating and selecting appropriate technical solutions.
Huawei South AfricaHuawei, established in 1987, is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of networking and telecommunications equipment. They have over three billion customers and a workforce of 207,000 workers who serve them in 170 countries and regions. The progress of society and civilisation is driven by scientific research and technical development, a principle underscored by the company. Huawei appreciates that transparency is crucial to the success of both scientific inquiry and creative endeavours. They collaborate with other institutions to advance the state of the art in science and technology, drive innovation, benefit business and society, and create a more intelligent world. In 2022, they spent a total of CNY161.5 billion on research and development, or 25.1% of revenue.

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