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IT Security and Endpoint Encryption for pc's, mac's, mobile devices and servers made easy with ASG

Managed Endpoint Encryption for compliance made easy...

How does someone secure electronic devices such as Mac, Windows PCs, Phones and tablets to comply with the new encryption laws?

With ASG being an authorised Managed Endpoint Encryption and Managed Service Provider, it is possible to ensure security and encryption on devices that is remotely arranged and managed for you by our professional team of IT specialists.

The costs of software and hardware are kept low and having internal IT staff is not necessary in order to build and support your mobile device security.

With qualified ASG IT specialists working by your side and the use of a cloud-based tools to secure Laptops, PCs and mobile devices are offered at an affordable rate. This allows you to free up time on your end and focus on what’s best for running your business. While ASG ensures your businesses compliance with mobile device security and encryption.

In more detail, ASG can remotely initiate and secure any vulnerable Servers, PCs, Laptops, USB storage & Mobile Devices in your business, inclusive of those owned by your employees. The devices can be easily configured, managed and secured as well as making it possible to add new modules to your protected endpoint device inventory. With encryption serving the baseline of security, it has been made easy for new devices to be added at any time. Included in the service offered is remote data wipe, system shutdown, data quarantine, and authentication revocation which are available at your command with just a call to ASG.

With ASG service optimised to be cloud based, with no hardware and software necessities, we can provide company-wide security in just a few hours. This includes devices on all premises and those located far from the offices.

A service where competitors are behind in is a key point in where ASG strives and that’s offering real-time insights into your PC and Mobile device management, capturing and analysing security metrics and, most importantly, offering tools to respond manually or automatically to any security threats that arise. You might also be interested in cloud-hosted firewalls and other IT security service.

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Contact us today To book your comprehensive IT Security assessment.