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Who Else Wants to save 40% on their phone bill?

Effective communication is crucial to the success of every business, and our affordable phone systems not only make communication efficient and convenient, but also have the capability to expand as your business does.

Whether you’re after a traditional phone system that offers standard features like group calls and voicemail, or the more advanced capabilities of VoIP services – we’ve got phone systems for business covered.

ASG Cloud PBX Provider Hosted PBX Companies

Has your company been through the traumatic five to seven yearly upgrades to your On-premise PBX or purchasing a new phone system?

ASG is a Cloud PBX provider and PBX company that helps simplify your telecoms with our On-premise or Hosted PBX solution.

Our IP based PBX is a feature rich business phone system, which uses your computer data network and existing Fibre or Wireless Internet Connection to route all your incoming and outgoing voice calls.

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Now you really can save 40% on your phone bill

ASG is a Hosted PBX provider that uses LCR (Least Cost Routing) to ensure you always get the best price for your calls, whether over Telkom or any cellular network. ASG will help reduce your Telkom telephone bill by up to 40% per month. We can even totally eliminate your monthly Telkom line rentals by porting your numbers to our TIER 1 voice service provider.

What it is

  • Cost effective On-premise or carrier class Cloud Hosted PBX solutions with Enterprise features. 
  • Little or no cabling required – We use your computer network wiring for our Yealink or Snom VOIP handsets. Plug and play. Minimal or no PBX Maintenance Costs. 
  • Use your Mobile Smartphone as an extension on your PBX. 
  • Free telephone calls between your branches. 
  • Drastically reduce your companies Telkom telephony costs by up to 40% per month. Eliminate costly Telkom monthly line rentals. True per second billing. 
  • A business PBX that grows with your company and has unlimited extensions. 
  • Ability to interface with Video Conferencing equipment, Cell Phones and Inter-Branch office phones.

How our PBX phone system technology works

  • Installing a new virtual Hosted PBX or On-premise PBX phone system or relocating to new premises has never been simpler. ASG’s certified engineers will install an Enterprise Cloud Hosted or On-premise PBX for your company in no time. 
  • Switch within 7 to 14 days using your existing network cabling and internet connection with no fuss.
  • Our incredible PBX solution works over any business Fibre or dedicated voice LTE internet connection. ASG configures automatic failover to ensure your business Telecoms is always up and running. 
  • If your Internet goes down, our PBX system automatically switches to a backup LTE voice router or Telkom lines without dropping your calls.
  • No Telkom lines. No worries. ASG can use a dedicated 15k LTE voice router or a wireless business internet connection as your primary connection for your voice calls.
  • Have doubts about VOIP and want to keep your existing Telkom lines? No problem. ASG will install a gateway on our intelligent IP PBX solution so that you can keep your Telkom lines.

PBX Features

  • Automated Attendant (IVR) Digital Receptionist
  • Blind Transfer, Call Detail Records (CDR), Call Logging, Call Forward, Call Parking, Call Pickup, Call Transfer, Caller ID
  • Ring / Hunt Groups, Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
  • Music on Hold, Music on Transfer
  • Voicemail, Call Recording, Receive Voice Mail via Email
  • Ring Extension and Mobile Simultaneously
  • Send Email Notifications for Missed Calls
  • Conference Calling
  • Superior Mobility with for Windows, Android and iPhone, Supports SIP Hardware Phones, Supports SIP Software Phones, Supports VoIP Gateways and Cards
  • Free phone calls between other branches offices and mobile phones over the internet using same service.

Enterprise Hosted PBX Costs

  • R79 per user | extension per month


Voice Call Rate Sheet

Rate per Minute1234
Billing ThresholdsR0 - R10 000R10 001 - R20 000R20 001 - R50 000R50 001 & Over
Landline per minute39c33c29c26c
Mobile per minute79c65c49c45c
Inter-extension / Inter-branchFREE
International Charged per Destination

We bill per second. All rates exclude VAT


What are Voice Services?

Voice services are phone systems, either cloud-hosted or on-premise, that provide you and your business with a way to communicate with other people or businesses easily and at a lower cost compared to a normal phone contract.

Why should my business use Cloud Voice Services?

Cloud voice systems can save your business up to 40%. Allowing your business to connect employees all over the world to your company’s phone system with a unified approach. Your business becomes more competitive because employees can utilise advanced features and productivity tools that are built into Cloud Voice Services. Tools such as voice mails automatically forwarded to emails or make calls with the office phone number remotely.

What if my business needs to scale up or scale down?

Cloud Services are simple to set up for employees as everything is working under a single phone number. This means that you can easily add and remove employees as your business scales up or down. Giving you total flexibility, easy management and quick to deploy.

Do Cloud Voice services require a lot of maintenance?

Not at all. All that is required as a stable internet connection and phone equipment. A professional IT Company can assist with maintaining the equipment if necessary but very seldom does this equipment break.

What cost commitments do Cloud Voice Services have?

This depends on the type of Voice Service you would like to use. A Hosted PBX system costs around R85 ex. VAT a user with billing thresholds or you can use Office 365 which comes with Microsoft Teams that just requires an internet connection to make a call.

Advanced PBX phone systems that saves you money while connecting your business to the rest of the world.