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Network Cabling Company - Wireless Networking and Fibre Installations

ASG's professional Cabling team offers the following services to companies:

Structured Voice & Data cabling installations:

  • New Computer and Network cabling installations, relocation of companies premises – including installation of voice and data cabling, relocation of servers, Internet and IT infrastructure.
  • Let us help project manage your companies relocation to ensure a stress free move. 
  • Repairs to faulty voice and data cabling wiring.
  • Server room and network cabling tidy and rewiring.
  • VOIP cabling installations.
  • Server room cabinet and raised floor installations.
  • UPS and generator installations. 

Network Cabling, Wireless Networking & Fibre

ASG computer network cabling companies

Wireless Networking installations for buildings, offices and warehouses:

  • Installation of Ubiquiti Wireless networking access points (AP) for offices and warehouses. 
  • Setup of Wireless mesh and roaming with single SSID for offices and warehouses.
  • Wireless point to point networking links between buildings and premises for companies (up to 20km)
  • Setup secure wireless network access for your guests separate from your company network. 

Fiber Optic Networking:

  • Fiber Optic networking and links between buildings and premises.

IP CCTV camera systems and Access Control installations:

  • IP and analog CCTV camera system cabling installations.
  • Access control cabling and installations.

Network Cable Installer:

We offer solutions and network cable installation in Sandton, Pretoria, and many other locations to suit your networking needs. Our highly experienced technicians and engineers are fully qualified to work with the latest Copper & Fibre Optic Data and Voice Cabling Systems. Our network cabling company specialises in the installation of structured cabling such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, 10Gb, voice and Fibre Optic Cabling.

As the top network cabling installer in Gauteng, we offer a complete one-stop solution for Data Centres and Office relocation. We have a broad experience of network cabling solutions for public & private sectors with regards to organisations, business offices, entertainment & leisure facilities, as well as data cabling for schools & colleges.

We test all data cabling installations and components, as well as certify that they meet all current standards. In addition, we also provide completed cabling installations. In fact, we are able to offer data cabling solutions across the entire range and for all applications. Each installation complies with current standards and regulations. Our installations are of high-quality along with top quality Ethernet and fibre optic cabling and components. We also provide the extras such as routers, switches, and wireless access-points.

Network Cabling Installation:

We are experts in the area of network cabling installations in Sandton, Johannesburg, Pretoria and many other locations, as well as specialists with over 30 years of experience in the Data & Network cabling industry. Hence, our trained engineers are essential as they ensure your network cabling projects are installed efficiently and effectively. All work is fully tested ensuring reliability of the cabling.

ASG demonstrates an unwavering commitment to practice the set Health and Safety standards. Therefore, we ensure an unwillingness to compromise on safety, even when working with tight deadlines.


Relocation of premises – this is a solution for all businesses as our cabling services include:

  • Installation of new networks
  • Fault finding & Repairs to networks and cabling
  • Upgrades or improvements to existing networks
  • Provision and caballing installation of telephone extensions
  • Network Cable Installations within walls, roofs and under floors
  • Set up of server rooms
  • Server Rack installations
  • Server Rack neatening.
  • Power over Ethernet

Office moves and Office Data Cabling

Your data cabling project will be efficiently managed, ensuring professional quality and reliability of cabling networks.

As one of the leading network installers we have an excellent reputation with a build on of experience in the industry. Therefore ensuring consistent quality, service and value for money.

Voice and data cabling solution that is cost effective by ASG

Voice and Data Cabling

We provide voice and data cabling services which are cost effective. Further services we include are reliable network installations and moves/changes or relocation.

We offer free Cabling and Network Surveys where we provide expert advice to our clients on planning on setting up, upgrading or expanding data cable installations.

Why use ASG's cabling installation services:

Finding and installing the right network cabling to suit your company or personal needs is a sure fire way to make the most out of your telecommunications and network investments. The installation of network cable wiring needs to be done properly and in compliance with the mandatory standards of cabling.

ASG offers quick and affordable installation of network cabling in your new offices or network multiple locations. We can also cable a simple single network or voice drop to your existing system infrastructure. We are specialists in telecommunications cabling, and both local and wide area network cable installations. We provide cabling expertise and can support all your cabling needs.

We can provide and install voice and data cables on both new and existing sites, supplying network cable wiring from CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT7 (10 GB). If your network cabling looks like a spaghetti salad and is a potential occupational hazard, don’t fret, we have the perfect data cabling solution for you. Our job is to make sure that that the process of installing your computer network cabling is a stress-free affair.

If you already have an existing network and are currently suffering from unusually slow connectivity, prevent loss of data today and let ASG perform a network test report on your current network cabling infrastructure. Data cabling that has a little more tenure will always be more susceptible to loss of data, as general deterioration caused by age is normal.

Loss of data and errors on your network could very easily be a result of attenuation (signal weakening) on your present network. Network cabling testing pinpoints the exact location of where the problematic areas on your network are. After testing to see what could be wrong with your data cabling, we will be able to provide you with a viable and affordable solution to rectify your network cabling problems.

ASG is your leading Computer & Network Cabling Installations Company. Call us today on 011 975 7521 for a proposal for your cabling requirements.