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Chat with teams, collogues, or customers with one-to-one chats or group chats as easy as any other messenger app.


Capable of easily making a normal call or conference call to your entire team or even customers with Teams Calling, Phone System, or Calling plan.


Seamlessly switch between groups chats to video conferencing chats with a button. Even have up to 10 000 people from all over the world if need to be.


Securely and easily share or give access to files or documents in real-time, or even share your screen to present a presentation to people.


Microsoft Teams was released during the year 2017 and is a central communications hub for business. It allows users to easily communicate, share files, have meetings, make calls and collaborate much faster and more effectively. MS Teams is an Office 365 product and with todays focus on remote working, people need to know their virtual conversations are kept private and secure. And, at Microsoft, privacy and security are never an afterthought.

What is Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based collaboration tool allowing both office-based and remote staff to collaborate with individuals or groups of employees within online workspaces using the Microsoft Teams application. Microsoft Teams is Cloud-based means it can be accessed anywhere using practically any device. The scalability of Teams makes it simple to add users to your organisation as your business grows. The Microsoft Teams application integrates easily with Microsoft Office 365, and combines chat, meetings, calendars, files, emails, notes, and attachments which allows businesses to give access or share anything while keeping the desired control and privacy. This integration includes Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote.

Real-time Teams Document Collaboration

Your employees can communicate, collaborate, co-author and edit documents within the Microsoft Teams application which enables them to seamlessly work on the same documents at the same time as other employees that are working on the document/project within your organisation, making for effective teamwork and skyrocketing productivity. Users are able to pin the most important documents and notes within each workspace for quick reference by or for other Team members.

Securely Store Documents within Teams

You can set up OneDrive on your Server and Sync your data to Microsoft SharePoint that is integrated with your Teams application and account to ensure your data is always up to date in the cloud and on the local network. By integrating your Teams sites altogether with Microsoft SharePoint, your employees have access to all their documents or documents that they have been specifically granted access to via the Microsoft Teams platform. This is a secure and efficient way of managing, collaborating, sharing, and accessing documents.

Meeting and Scheduling Tools within Teams

With the seamless integration of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook, you can, without any effort, schedule meetings using Teams or Outlook inviting individual users or groups based inside or outside of the business. Meetings can be held with members outside of your organisation and they easily join the meeting at the click of a link that they have been invited to join. Teams syncs with your calendar and syncs all existing appointments that you scheduled in Teams or Outlook, it also displays suggested times, when all the other attendee’s within each dedicated Team, has time for the meeting. The Microsoft Teams application also provides you with an option to choose if the meeting is private or that anyone can join in.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams:

Innovatively bringing your team together with Microsoft Teams

 Is an easy application to use
 Seamlessly syncs to all devices
 Gives you an advantage over competitors
 Easily move and upgrade to a digital workspace within an hour
 Bring your staff together to increase productivity and efficiency
 Create groups and communicate with various partners, customers, and suppliers
 Automatic backups with Microsoft Teams  
Microsoft Teams product preview - ASG


Microsoft Teams was released during the year 2017 and is a central communications hub for business. It allows users to easily communicate, share files, have meetings, make calls and collaborate much faster and more effectively. MS Teams is an Office 365 product and with today’s focus on remote working, people need to know their virtual conversations are kept private and secure. Working remotely is becoming the norm as more companies are likely to look at reducing their office sizes to accommodate their employees that are working remotely. Our businesses have to adapt to circumstances in our world and the rapid development of technology has made it easier to transfer over to the new environment. At ASG, a Professional Outsourced IT Department, has also taken action to upgrade our communication to the next level as some of our employees now work remotely and we now communicate and collaborate with them via Microsoft Teams.

Outsourcing IT Support Services is a popular option for many businesses because it allows companies to have access to several more skilled resources and technicians as well as adapting costs to fit the size of the business. Your business will be able to communicate with us via Microsoft Teams and receive professional support. These are requirements that are critical for companies who wish to enhance efficiency and productivity within their organisations. With many companies now working remotely, the need for improved security, effective communication and cloud-based services has become progressively important.

“The companies that aren’t using tech and communication tools will soon be required to adopt these new systems – or fall behind. And all within a rather short time frame too. We’ll be growing from the small percentage already using these tools to nearly most of the world having the immediate need to implement them in order to survive as a business” – Blackfox April 2020 We have used several products and found Microsoft Teams to be the best-suited solution for the circumstances of today – having to communicate with everyone via the digital space and online.
At ASG has implemented many MS Teams solutions and customers have found that once they quickly learned the MS Teams application, their business productivity skyrocketed as they become for efficient and organised it the application, then realising that their decision to move most their business digitally and to the cloud was the better solution. 

What this means is that companies should really consider moving their on-premise servers and networking infrastructure over to the cloud where staff productivity and online security are better. Migrating to the cloud and MS Teams does require advanced skills and if not done correctly, more costs could occur. ASG is a Microsoft GOLD partner and we can ensure that your migration to the cloud and MS teams if swift and risks are mitigated. If you would like us to assist you with your move over to the digital space, contact us today, where one of our friendly IT consultants will be able to assist you and your business. You might also enjoy a certified Microsoft IT course.


People in a boardroom using Microsoft teams

Share files or grant access to specific files to multiple different team members so that everyone can work on the same document at the same time from anywhere in the world.


Multiple users in a Microsoft Teams meeting - ASG

With staff working remotely and/or customers based on the other side of the world, it’s possible to bring them all together in one room and collaborate effectively with the ability to securely share documents live to present.


Microsoft Teams desktop application preview - ASG

With many companies working remotely, it easier to send a quick message or video call colleagues increasing productivity and remote collaboration.

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