ASG IT Support Services



IT security is the most essential part of protecting your company’s valuable systems and data. Utilise our Security specialist team’s vast knowledge and experience to locate the right answer to your IT security concerns with our quick response.


Shield your IT systems from harmful virus infections, malware and ransomware with our simple to-manage cloud security scanner and firewalls.


ASG brings together cloud security and firewalls to protect computers, networks, servers and web content and application filtering. Control what is searched.


Our solution includes a cloud security email scanner and network firewall and router, intrusion prevention from hackers, gateway antivirus, secure VPN.


Our advanced IT network security solutions are the ideal choice for small and medium sized businesses. Capable of handling data from many users and various devices.

Managed Security and vulnerabilities

External threats are causing more headaches more than ever and it is not just the threats that we need to worry about when it comes to protecting our IT systems. We also need to ensure that we are compliant with the new data protection act. That is where ASG comes in to assist you and your business with our IT security services in Gauteng.

With complex IT knowledge and awareness, data securities importance has become vital to every business that knows just how destructive a security breach could be. The Managed Security service main focus is on minimalizing the likelihood of a security breach, avoiding data loss and reducing the impact on your business should a problem arise.

Managed IT Security and Firewalls ensures that your business systems are being monitored and protected every day. Split into 3 tiers – Systems Monitoring, Administration and Systems Risk Consulting – the service ensures you complete peace of mind around data security and enables you to continue working your way towards your main business goals with little to no setbacks.

At ASG we also provide IT training courses and cloud PBX that could benefit your company.


What are IT Security services?

IT Security Services are either physical hardware (eg. CCTV cameras) or software (eg. firewalls) that are essential for protecting your company’s valuable data and systems. These systems are installed to protect and prevent your business from any theft, viruses or hacks that penetrate your IT infrastructure or company’s premises. IT Security Services should be functioning all the time to ensure constant IT security. 

What type of IT Security Services are there?

  • CCTV Camera
  • Cyber-security
  • Managed Encryption
  • Cloud Security Scanner
  • Access Control Systems
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Managed IT Security and Firewalls

How do IT Security Services protect my business?

IT Security Services increase the complexity of your IT Infrastructure’s access with various methods, hardware and systems in place to strengthen vulnerabilities and prevent attacks from exploiting any vulnerabilities. Filtering, monitoring and fault reporting built into these systems allow the user to take action and lockdown on any vulnerabilities to resolve them.

Can I get my business, warehouse or home assessed first before buying IT Security Services?

Yes you can. IT Companies should offer free or paid vulnerability and risk assessments where they will assess your IT Infrastructure or company’s premises to scan and detect any vulnerabilities. You can get an internal and an external assessment performed on your business.

How much do IT Security Assessments cost?

An initial two hour IT Security Assessments consultation is absolutely free. After the consultation, the IT Company provides a proposal to do a complete and comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessment to identify any strengths and weaknesses in your company’s IT infrastructure with costs on getting your IT infrastructure fixed and secure again.