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Advanced Cloud PBX Phone Systems in Centurion

PBX phone systems in Centurion are quickly becoming more popular among businesses so that customers and employees can connect to their business with absolute ease. We also offer PBX Phone system installations in Midrand and Pretoria.

The cloud-based PBX solution is a VoIP service that allows for communication under one phone number in a centralised manner. A stable internet connection allows employees to connect to the PBX phone system with the abilities to be based practically anywhere in the world. From a customer’s point of view, they call the business number and employees will be allocated with the customers that must be assisted.

This phone system seamlessly integrates with the traditional phone systems and provides dozens of user-friendly and management features for this advanced phone ecosystems.

The advanced cloud-based PBX phones systems are equipped with various features that make calls coming in and going out of the business simple and adaptable. Features consisting of automated attendants or also called a digital receptionist that can help customers be directed to the right people to talk to in the business. If a customer is put on hold or transferred to another line, they will automatically be played music to occupy them.

From the business functionality point of view, business can have calling conferences, be sent emails when calls are missed and have free phone calls between other branches or mobile phones that are connected to the PBX systems. More capabilities such as voice mail, call recording, receive voice mails over email, call logging, and call transferring.

All these features work together to ensure that the customer is easily navigated to the right people and the business is able to efficiently and effectively communicate to everyone during business.


Why are many businesses taking advantage of the new PBX solution in Centurion?

  • The cloud PBX phone system is extremely cost effective with the chance to save a business up to 40% on their phone bills.
  • Businesses can connect their employees from all over the world, branches based anywhere in South Africa or even employees working remotely and unable to on premise, in Centurion.
  • Businesses become more competitive because the comprehensive and advanced solutions provided by the PBX phone system equips everyone within the business with the right tools to manage productivity, constant incoming calls, and monitoring solutions to advance the skills of employees and the business. These include tools such as voice mails automatically forwarded to emails, customers being put into a queuing system and using the office phone number remotely.
  • Businesses are able to easily scale their business up or down with a cloud-based PBX system. Everything about the phone system is managed in an application which allows the ease of adding or removing employees from the phone system giving the business total flexibility, quick deployment, and easy management.
  • The business has little to no worry on the maintenance of the phone system solution as long as there is a stable internet connection and phone equipment. Making it affordable to setup and maintain with the help of professional IT Companies that can assist with this.


Who do you choose when requiring a Cloud-based PBX provider or installer in Centurion?

There are hundreds of IT companies that provide PBX solutions but only a few are capable of providing this solution to businesses of different sizes. Finding a professional and well-equipped IT company in Centurion is not easy especially when dealing with a field that requires customised proposals.

ASG has been found to be one of the most experienced IT Companies in Centurion that are capable of providing customised PBX proposals. They have over 30 plus years of experience in the IT industry with a proven track record on being PBX phone system installers.


ASG’s PBX solution stands outs because they offer the following professional support:

  • ASG is capable of helping business who are installing this solution into their business for the first time or relocating their current PBX phone system to new premises. Their certified engineers can install enterprise cloud-hosted or on-premise PBX systems for your company in no time.
  • ASG has the quickest time when it comes to switching your existing network cabling and internet connect to your new lines within 7-14 days.
  • Their PBX solution has the ability to seamlessly work on dedicated fibre connections or LTE internet connections. They can configure the PBX phone system to your your internet connection type while being able to implement automatic failovers to ensure your business communications are always up and running.
  • The failovers implemented by ASG are capable of switching between your fibre, Telkom lines and backup LTE router without dropping your calls.
  • ASG can provide you this solution even if you do not have Telkom lines. Utilising 15k LTE routers or wireless business internet connection will also work with your PBX’s voice calls.
  • Lastly, ASG is one of the few cloud-based PBX providers in Centurion that can get your business switched over or upgraded. You can request a proposal before hand to ensure you get a solution that fits your business.


Cloud-based PBX solutions are jampacked with features to support any type of business with regards to effectively and efficiently communicating with people within and outside of the business. Many businesses in Centurion are taking advantage of its features but make sure to find the right PBX installer in centurion to ensure your system is professionally setup.


Pay only for the users needed on the phone system.


New users can be added with ease and at any time.


Dozens of helpful features available to your business.


Usable on Windows, iOS or even mobile phones.


Connect from anywhere as a unified solution.


Connect from anywhere as a unified phone system.

Contact us to get your cloud-based phone systems.