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Do these IT problems keep you up at night?

Worried about the potential for network hacking or the encryption of your financial data by ransomware keep you awake at night? Are you uncertain about the effectiveness of your IT security, firewall, or server protection against malicious threats?

Frustrated with an inconsistent IT team that takes hours to resolve recurring IT issues, only to find these problems resurfacing? It seems they lack the necessary skills to effectively address your IT concerns and maintain the seamless operation of your systems.

Tired of your unreliable IT team that takes hours to solve IT problems that keep coming back and they do not seem to have the skills to fix your IT issues and keep your systems running smoothly?

ASG is your preferred IT solutions partner for a low Fixed Monthly Fee


Comprehensive IT Support services for companies in Kempton Park

Few IT companies in Kempton Park offer the no risk guarantee on IT support contracts that ASG does.

In addition to offering the widest range of support services and products, ASG has raised the bar in terms of customer satisfaction and service delivery.
IT Support Companies Kempton Park - ASG

ASG understands the unique IT challenges faced by businesses in Kempton Park. As your local IT support partner, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and user-friendly IT services tailored specifically to meet the needs of Kempton Park’s dynamic business community.

Comprehensive IT Services Near You

At ASG, we offer a range of comprehensive IT services to businesses near Kempton Park, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is optimized for success. Our services include:

  • IT Support Near You: Our responsive IT support team is ready to assist you with any IT issues that may arise. We’re just a call away, providing quick and effective solutions to keep your business operations running smoothly.

  • Cloud Services: Experience the benefits of cloud computing with our Office 365, Teams, and SharePoint Online offerings. These services enhance collaboration, streamline operations, and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions: Protect your business from data loss with our robust disaster recovery services. We ensure your critical data is backed up and recoverable, providing peace of mind and resilience in the face of unexpected events.

Why Choose ASG as Your Kempton Park IT Company?

  • Local Expertise: Our understanding of Kempton Park’s business landscape allows us to provide solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

  • Proven Track Record: ASG has a history of delivering reliable IT support services to businesses in Kempton Park, earning a reputation for excellence.

Partner with ASG for Exceptional IT Support

Experience the benefits of working with a local IT company that genuinely cares about your success. ASG is here to provide you with secure, efficient, and dependable IT solutions that empower your business to thrive. Contact us today to learn more about how ASG can be your trusted IT partner in Kempton Park.

Take advantage of our money back guarantee which states that if you are not happy with our Managed IT service in the first four months of the SLA agreement, you can cancel with only 24 hour notice, and we will refund you for up to 30 days of our Managed IT service, no questions asked.

Does your company have IT problems that are giving you sleepless nights?

ASG offers an All-inclusive, Comprehensive and Customised IT Support Solutions for a low Fixed Monthly Fee

ASG is one of the leading IT companies in Kempton Park and offers professional Outsourced IT Support Services.

  • If your business has between 10 to 250 PCs, we can provide you with a customisable IT Solution with professional expertise at an affordable rate, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is always performing at its peak.
  • We have been in the IT industry for over 30 years as an Outsourced IT Company where we have helped reduce and minimise technological & IT security risks, lower operational costs and make sure that everything, with regard to IT, is running smoothly.
  • Our goal is to no add you as a customer but to build relationships that are long term and become a partner in your business as your CIO & Outsourced IT Department. 
  • We have various monitoring solutions that keep track of your IT to ensure we resolve any problem that arises as soon as possible so that we focus on your IT while you focus on running your business.

How do you begin with ASG?

Many IT Companies in Kempton Park make it complicated where we keep it simple and in plain English

We meet with you to discuss your IT frustrations and understand more about your business. We will assess your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive IT & Technology Assessment worth R6500 for free  (under 2 hours, no commitment or payment required) to determine where your information technology and IT security is at risk and then provide you with a clear and concise road map to mitigate all IT problems.

Our Technology Assessment includes:

  • Our Key accounts manager and IT specialists will visit you at your office to review IT infrastructure, servers, firewall, network security, internet and wireless connectivity, backup procedures, UPS and power requirements etc. 
  • We help create your clear and concise IT plan for the next 2 years to ensure that you know where your IT infrastructure and systems needs to be reconfigured to best practice, replaced, upgraded or implemented to ensure uptime for your critical business systems. 
  • Our IT consultant will meet with you to explain your Technology Assessment in plain English and discuss ways we can help your business.


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We proudly serve a network of 80+ companies that entrust their IT outsourcing to us. Their continuous expressions of appreciation stem from our unwavering commitment to providing undivided attention to their needs and swiftly resolving their IT challenges. Our distinguished support services have earned acclaim for their exceptional professionalism, comprehensiveness, and speed.

In the Kempton Park area, we’ve observed that while other IT companies may deliver prompt service, they often neglect the essential elements of maintaining quality and professionalism. At ASG, we prioritize accountability to ensure the delivery of both prompt and consistently high-quality services.

Our extensive expertise spanning over 30+ years has proven invaluable to numerous companies. With a dedicated team of over 40 trained IT professionals, we stand ready to address any number of challenges that may arise. Our commitment not only lies in resolving issues promptly but also in optimizing your IT expenditure, while simultaneously ensuring your IT infrastructure operates at its prime, in impeccable condition.

More importantly and as one of the best IT Companies in South Africa, we offer you a money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of should you not be happy with our IT Services. If you are not happy with our Managed IT service in the first four months of the SLA agreement, you can cancel with only 24 hour notice, and we will refund you for up to 30 days of our Managed IT service, no questions asked. 
Our Ratings & Rewards
Businesses looking for Outsourced IT companies in Kempton Park can find all round and affordable solutions from ASG.  
We have dozens of years of experience with small and large businesses receiving custom IT support solutions and services from ASG no matter the complexities. Our priority is providing you with a swift and professional turnaround on all kinds of IT services in Kempton Park, regardless of how big or small your company is. 
We are confident that we can support your business with our professional no-nonsense IT services that are reliable, affordable, and in plain English. Contact ASG with the CONTACT ASG button below.

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What to consider when looking for IT Companies in Kempton Park?

There are many IT Companies in Kempton Park that offer a range of IT services but when you are looking for one to be your outsourced IT company then it is better to choose one that covers them all. For example, experienced IT companies that have been around for 30+ years tend to offer all the services required to run a complete IT department. These are the type of IT companies that your business should choose because the experienced IT companies will know how to handle all IT-related issues that your business could face. This will ensure you have one point of contact for all your IT issues. The best trait to look for in these IT companies is if they offer free compressive technology assessments.

How do IT Companies in Kempton Park manage my IT Services?

A managed IT Service Provider or Outsourced IT Department in Kempton Park can remotely manage your IT equipment or go to your premises in order to manage your IT infrastructure and end-user systems.

What type of IT Services should IT Companies in Kempton Park offer?

  • Remote IT Support
  • Computer Support
  • IT Support Contracts
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Server and Network Support
  • IT Assessments and Network Audits
  • Monitored Backups & Data Protection
  • Internet Connectivity such as Fibre, LTE and Wireless
  • Computer Network Cabling, Installation and Wireless Networking

Why should I outsource my IT Services?

Outsourcing your IT and IT infrastructure to an IT Company in Kempton Park allows you to focus more on your business and less on managing your IT because your outsourced IT company will have the team required to maintain your IT infrastructure at a more affordable cost than if you had an IT technician or internal IT staff. Essentially, you are getting an entire team of professional IT technicians to support your business for less than your in-house technician.

How much do Technology Assessments cost?

An initial two hour Technology Assessment consultation is absolutely free. The advantage of this free assessment is that you can call-out an IT Company in Kempton Park to do a complete and comprehensive IT risk assessment to identify any strengths and weaknesses in your company’s IT infrastructure. After the IT Company provides you a comprehensive report, you can request a customised quote on getting your IT infrastructure fixed and secure again.

Why outsource my IT to ASG?

There are over 80 companies that outsource their IT to ASG where customers constantly express their gratefulness for how ASG fixes their IT problems quickly and efficiently. This is due to ASG’s trained engineers providing IT supports services in a most professional, comprehensive manner to businesses in Kempton Park.

ASG’s over 30 years of experience and knowledge assist many companies keep their IT running optimally because their team of over 40 trained IT professionals are monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure continuously. Their IT technicians ensure that no matter the IT issues, they are capable of solving the issues and keeping your IT infrastructure running in optimally.

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