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Professional PBX Phone System Installers In Sandton

ASG is a professional PBX phone system installer in Sandton. We are focused on giving better solutions in a working environment with Cloud PBX phone systems. With our accentuation on assisting organisations with arriving at the supreme apex of their prosperity, we ensure the completer fulfilment of our customers and their communication solutions. We also install PBX phone systems in JohannesburgMidrand and surrounding areas.


Cloud PBX Phone Systems Taking Business Communication To The Next Level.

The present SMBs and enormous undertakings are changing to organized network interchanges since they are more nimble and more versatile with regards to collaborating and arranging the establishment of a new business. These arrangements are amazingly low upkeep, and they can interlink with other cloud-based contraptions for expanded execution and increased performance.

A cloud-based PBX network is a VoIP solution offering the various functionalities that unites correspondence networks without the necessity for an equipment arrangement. These frameworks cost less and have a degree of flexibility that can’t be composed by various other VoIP and conventional correspondence organisations and communication networks.

Cloud PBX is a Private Branch Exchange phone system that is planned totally in a cloud-based climate to give worker access through a web association. Subsequently, associations that utilise cloud or facilitated PBX frameworks won’t have a devoted worker to have web-based correspondence in their work environment. Hosted PBX is an extraordinary path for associations to set aside their cash and space as the customary workers for a private branch trade are noticeably costly and will possess a lot of room.

It is critical to take note of that the more traditional PBX is viewed as more muddled and burdensome which is the explanation that cloud-based phone systems are having expanded interest. Present day PBX phone system frameworks are entirely dependable and give a steady connection with business phone networks over the web.


Your One Stop Shop For All PBX Installation Solutions

Our IT installation specialists offer a PBX solution that satisfies any need that our clients may have!

Pick ASG as your go-to PBX installer on the grounds that we offer:

         Superior call quality and HD video conferencing.

         Setting up total cloud PBX frameworks

         Affordable VoIP phones, conferencing gear, and equipment.

         Modern distant phone framework highlights.

         Outstanding customer administration which is accessible all day and every day.

         99.999% uptime and military-grade servers.

         Secure and start to finish scrambled business correspondence through TLS and SRTP.


How Does Cloud-PBX Work?

Cloud PBX works by associating every one of your communication devices to your cloud-based phone systems. You need a VoIP system to utilise your cloud PBX, which is the explanation as to why most VoIP suppliers incorporate the utilisation of their cloud-based PBX with a membership to their solutions.

PBX phone systems are special in light of the fact that the cloud servers are dispersed around the world and covering all of South Africa. With such topographical repetition, debacles cause less difficulty, and when one specialist worker goes down, there are others to keep up the movement. The greater part of the PBX phone systems is that suppliers guarantee 99.999% uptime for their solutions. Unwavering quality is essential for associations changing over from a regular phone system to a cloud-based PBX phone system.

When joining the correspondences of a worldwide undertaking, this sort of phone system is the ideal fit. With a cloud phone system, everything workplaces can utilise a similar correspondence framework all the while, regardless of how many kilometres you are away from the office. Even with this flexibility and usefulness, facilitated PBX phone systems keep up the highlights of the offices that can be found inside standard PBX networks. For example, businesses will have the choice to utilise endeavor quality IP phones, cloud-based phones, PDAs, and meeting phones on hosted PBX systems. Cloud-based PBX has some brilliant versatility moreover.


Here are a portion of the highlights that our master PBX providers and installers give in frameworks to better correspondence to organisations in Sandton.

Call Queuing

As you realise that customers lean toward direct consideration. Cloud PBX phone systems can place in-coming calls from customers in a line so your client support specialists can acknowledge calls without any problem.


A couple of suppliers provide IVR facilities, which uses programming to control customers through the framework. ASG utilises AI-based frameworks that work with our PBX solution to more readily serve inbound visitors.

Conferencing Calling

With programming arrangements that utilise cloud-based PBX, Online conferencing is getting easier and less difficult. Generally, with a straightforward snap of the catch, you’ll have the alternative to add calls, so a more worked together group-based climate is made.

In-Call Management

For call focus managers, some oversight may be required for consistence and specialist training. Our specialists provide solutions, which adds to the flexibility of their services. Here are a few of the highlights for in-call management:

  • • Call Barging: This equips managers to enter the conference bridge while customer services agents are speaking with leads. This extra assistance can help push leads through the channel and become changes
  • • Call Recording: Call recording is essential for record-keeping, and it’s also useful for those who consider focusing the need to survey calls for consistence or training.
  • • Call Monitoring: Some cloud-based PBX systems gives an extra office of call checking, which is utilised for call barging to ensure quality and force changes. Call observing is moreover a staggering path for supervisors and managers to check that specialists are performing as expected.


Cloud PBX focal points

The advantages include:

  1. 1. It’s Flexible: With cloud PBX, it’s simple to add or remove customers and integrate existing traditional phone systems equipment into the new cloud-based PBX solution.
  1. 2. It’s Upgradeable: When there are new software updates for your cloud PBX systems, these are anything but difficult to oversee without the need of a trained professional. These updates are simple and controlled by the servers with the help of remote management for the IT technicians that will ensure successful updates on the phone solution.
  1. 3. It’s Scalable: If you’re scaling up with a traditional PBX system, you’ll be adding workers and moving hardware. With cloud-based PBX, all the difficult work is dealt with by the suppliers, furnishing you with a seamless communication system.


Pay only for the users needed on the phone system.


New users can be added with ease and at any time.


Dozens of helpful features available to your business.


Usable on Windows, iOS or even mobile phones.


Connect from anywhere as a unified solution.


Connect from anywhere as a unified phone system.

Contact us to get your cloud-based phone systems.