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Cloud PBX Phone Systems in Midrand Is A Next Level Communication Solution

Many businesses are utilising the new cloud PBX phone systems in Midrand that seamlessly integrates into their IT infrastructure and business communication with absolute ease allowing businesses to have their employees connected to single business phone number no matter where they are based. We also install PBX phone systems in Pretoria and Centurion.

The cloud-based PBX solution is a VoIP service that allows for communication under a central business phone number. With a stable internet connection, employees can connect to the business’s cloud PBX phone system while being anywhere in South Africa or the world. Customers can call the business number and via the digital assistant, employees will be designated with the customers that must be helped. For example, dialling 1 for the operate or 2 for accounts.  

This phone system effortlessly incorporates with the traditional phone systems and has various features that are user-friendly and management features for monitoring and training purposes.

It is important to note that traditional PBX is considered to be more complicated and out-dated which is the reason cloud-based PBX solutions have dramatically increased in demand and providing next level communication for business. The modern PBX phone systems are very reliable and remain up to date with updated software solutions.


Furthermore, the PBX phone system contains the following features:

  • Automated attendant or also known as the digital receptionist.
  • Music on hold or when being transferred to keep clients occupied while waiting
  • Voicemail, call recording and the ability to receive voice messages via email.
  • Notifications can be sent to email when calls are missed.
  • Conference calling and add user to the current call capabilities.
  • Free calls between various branches based in South Africa or Worldwide.


Monitoring and management solutions with PBX phone systems:

For call centre managers, some management and control might be needed for compliance and training of new employees. Here are some of the PBX features for in-call management:

  • Call Barging: This permits management to enter a call while customer service representatives are communicating with clients. This additional help from management can help push leads through the funnel and become conversions for the business.
  • Call Recording: Call recording is essential for record-keeping for certain scenarios and can help centres that need to review past phone calls for compliance or training purposes.
  • Call Monitoring: Call monitoring, which is used in combination with call barging feature is able to ensure quality and power conversions. Call monitoring is incredible for managers and directors who want to verify that customer service representative or employees are performing.


Cloud PBX phone system advantages:

It’s Flexible: With cloud-based PBX phone systems, one can simply add or remove employees and integrate existing traditional phone system’s hardware into the PBX system as needed.

It’s Upgradeable: Software updates are constantly rolled-out to ensure that the latest security, usability and performance issues are being used as the phone systems gets older. This ensures that your phone system does not get out-dated and remains relevant.


It’s Scalable: If you are expanding on a traditional PBX system, you will be adding servers and moving a lot of equipment around. Whereas with the cloud PBX, all the hard work is taken care of by IT companies so that you have a smooth and continuous communication system.


Who do you choose when requiring a Cloud PBX provider or installer in Midrand?

There are many of IT companies that supply PBX solutions but only a handful are capable of providing a PBX solution and installing in businesses of different sizes. Finding a professional and well-trained IT company in Midrand is not a simple process especially when dealing with technology that involves customised proposals.

ASG has been observed to be one of the most qualified IT Companies in Midrand that are competent enough to installing customised PBX proposals. In terms of experiences and being in the IT industry, ASG has the most experience with over 30 years of involvement.

ASG’s Cloud PBX installation services were observed to be the most qualified in the industry not only because of experience but also for the following installation and setup features:

  • ASG can help businesses who are installing this phone system for the very first time and for business who are relocating their existing phone systems to new premises.
  • ASG has the can setup a business with the new PBX solution within 7-14 days.
  • Their PBX solution can faultlessly work on fibre connections or LTE connections as long as the connection is stable. Configuration of the PBX phone system is possible on an already working internet connection or transferred to new connection.
  • The failover solutions that ASG implements which will switch between your internet lines and backup LTE router without any calls dropping
  • ASG is one of the few cloud-based PBX providers in Midrand where you can request a proposal before hand to ensure you get a PBX solution that fits your business’s IT infrastructure.


With the flexible cloud PBX phone solutions, a business can have full control over the communication within and outside of the business. The monitoring and scalability functionalities allow such control over communication within a business possible. Find the right IT company to provide you with this phone system is important to ensure the longevity of you new phone system. They will help propose what is best for your business by providing a customised proposal.


Pay only for the users needed on the phone system.


New users can be added with ease and at any time.


Dozens of helpful features available to your business.


Usable on Windows, iOS or even mobile phones.


Connect from anywhere as a unified solution.


Connect from anywhere as a unified phone system.

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