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Proactive IT problem prevention audit for business

An IT assessment and problem prevention audit can help you understand exactly where your business stands from a technological point of view, as well as where it’s headed.

comprehensive IT audit not only helps to identify weak points and possible risks, but is also the best way to understand your needs and ensure they are being met in the most affordable and efficient manner.

Once we have identified your goals and future plans, we will be able to create and map out a technological strategy to help you implement change, prioritise and reduce costs. 

IT assessment and network audit for problem prevention


As a prospective customer, we would like to offer you a free IT assessment worth R6500 – provided you have 10 or more PC’s. During the Problem Prevention Network Audit we’ll look for security loopholes, viruses and spyware programs that could potentially be causing your network to run slowly, lose data or even crash. 

Our skilled network technician will:


Run a check to determine whether your network security is safe guarded against hackers and viruses.


Single out and diagnose IT problems, such as unstable PCs, slow internet connections, email and server issues.


Ensure that your backup systems are working correctly and storing the right data.


Use the network audit to find out what bottlenecks are making the system sluggish and which applications are slow.


Prepare and present a report on the state of your IT systems.


Compile a list of recommendations that can be used to make your IT systems run faster and more smoothly.

Our technician will also provide an alternative to the proposal, so you have as much information and option as possible before investing in a more efficient system.

There is no cost to you and no obligation for you to place your business with us. But do hurry – for obvious reasons we can only provide this free IT assessment to a limited number of businesses each month.  

For a comprehensive and efficient report on how your systems are operating, where potential glitches lie as well as what you can do to fix them, contact us for a free IT assessment now.

If you are looking for an affordable all-round IT support solution and SLA, view our IT Companies page for more details about our core IT service.