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Website Development

Your website is not only where your business begins but is also the face of your business to the online world. Your current and future customers have the opportunity to research, contribute, and build a relationship with your business online. With a website giving customers the ability to come to buy or sell, connect you and your customer. The number of people making use of the internet to find good and services is increasing every day with websites becoming the Key Marketing Tool of a business.  

Our experience and expertise in website development, content creation & strategy, graphic designing, social media management and digital marketing provide us the with the fundamental skills to develop creative branding solutions that have proven to successfully help our clients in achieving their business goals and growing their online presence.

Our website development services include:

  • Customised website development

  • Website redevelopment

  • Content management systems

  • Social media integration

  • SEO

  • Mobile responsivity

  • Microsites

  • Web maintenance

  • Web hosting and so much more

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R 3850 EX VAT

An online company brochure and landing page is a single, standalone page of a website that has no navigation to any secondary pages or additional content. This is specifically created for the purpose of an advertising or marketing campaign to direct traffic to or as an online directory where your customers can get your contact details and get basic information about your company and what your business does. Landing pages are designed with one focused objective which is typically known as the Call to Action. This type of website is ideal for small businesses and start-up which don’t have a large budget but would like to establish a professional online presence as soon as possible.  



R 6500 EX VAT

As the name suggests, a basic business website is a website with all the essentials to make your online digital presence a success. It is simple, cost-efficient and a visually appealing platform with which to deliver snack-sized, but relevant, information about your business and the product or service offered. Depending on what you need, you may include information related to your company history on how everything got started, products and services, vision and mission, track record and what differentiates you in the market – all the information that helps customers decide that you’re a good entity to do business and build a relationship with. This basic website is perfect for small to medium businesses looking to develop a web presence and generate business through the digital space and create an online presence.



R 9500 EX VAT

Our Premier WordPress websites really do set the standard when it comes to a professional representation of your business on desktop, Tablets and smartphones. These websites are customisable, fully responsive to all device resolutions and screen sizes and include a select range of functionalities to give end-users an optimal online experience to connect with you and your business. These multipage websites allow you to share greater detail about your business, products and services through different click-through pages. We take it upon ourselves to develop a design that creatively reflects the characteristics of your business and your industry while following your lead and input. Established businesses and those that are household names benefit from premier websites as they are comprehensive and professional in order to align with audience expectations of the brand and provide a full scope into the nature of your business.

Why choose us for website development?

There are dozens of other website developers out there offering the same service that tend to forget the finer details of a website that play a very fundamental role in the long-term sustainability and usability of a website. 

With all websites, we ensure that there is a firewall in place that monitors all traffic, website activity and blocks unwanted access to the backend of your website. To add to our security implementations, your site will be SSL secure, optimised to have a swift response with quicker load times and all our websites are designed to be mobile-friendly which are important factors to ranking higher on google searches. 

We also give you the opportunity to learn how to update and make any future changes to your own website without needing knowledge of the complex coding languages – our training is simple and easy to understand. 

Finally, when choosing our start-up packages (One page & Basic), we develop our websites in such a way that you can expand onto your micro-website website as your business grows. Giving you the opportunity and flexibility to grow your website as your business grows without any limitations.

We can assure you that your website will have a backup for in case any challenges are faced. Your backup frequency can be customised to your liking.

There is complete transparency and give you full accessibility with our websites that are customisable and dedicated to your business desires.

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