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A Unique Approach to IT Learning

In the complex and growing world of IT, having access to online training is an opportunity to grow knowledge and expand skills.

ASG, is one of South Africa’s leading IT training companies, providing a full range of IT services, also provides quick and efficient online IT training courses for leaners of all skill levels. We have online IT courses for all skills levels.

In the complex and growing world of IT, having access to online training is an opportunity to grow knowledge and expand skills.

IT Training Courses Offered by ASG

Using our expertise as well as our immense experience from working in the bustling IT industry, we approach training in such a way that our learners enjoy a comprehensive experience that covers everything that they need to know.

We are as passionate about providing clients with reliable IT solutions as we are about training students.

We believe everyone can benefit from being IT literate and that every company can benefit from having a team of employees who know what they are doing, and we strive to equip people with the skills they need in order to work successfully with various IT programmes and hardware.

What inspired us to start training students is that when we looked into IT training, we found that most of it was purely theoretical and lacked the practical skills necessary for applying the course information.

Our IT training courses started running in 2006 and since then we have successfully trained hundreds of students and through doing so, helped countless companies grow.
Online IT Courses offered by ASG

IT is something you can only learn through doing. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but it will help nothing if you cannot apply it practically. With our programmes, we have combined the best of both worlds in terms of applying theory to practical work from the IT courses you’ve taken. We teach the theoretical, and then we teach our students how to use their new knowledge when working with IT programmes via our bootcamp which puts you in the safe hands of our professional IT technicians. They will mentor and train you into becoming a confident IT savvy individual.

Our hands-on approach has proved to be immensely successful and popular with students, but we also offer online courses for students who are either in out of reach places or simply do not have the time to sit in a classroom.

Once you have completed one of our professional IT training programmes, you can take on a new career role or, if you are a company owner wanting to improve your staff’s knowledge, you can apply for your staff to be taught highly valuable new skills.

We teach some of our programmes in specialised IT “Boot Camps” which we call the ASG Difference. We take the theoretical information and help turn them into actual, workable skills. Once the training is complete, you will be able to start using the skills you have learned straight away, without having to worry about additional training or guidance.

And along with the theory and the practical learning, we will also teach you how to solve the basic IT related problems that you are likely to come across in your day to day work.

Where To Get Started With Online IT Courses

Computer literacy is important in the modern world. It helps to open new career doorways and it empowers those who have gained the skills. IT skills are not just perfect for the workplace, but are equally important to have in your personal life as the skills can just as easily be applied to personal projects and used almost every day.

Choosing the right IT programme really starts by identifying your needs and desired skills outcome, and then going from there. Ideally, you should have some basic computer training or knowledge under your belt and from there we can help you build your skills.

With the ASG selection of intensive IT learning programmes, it is easy to get started. We currently have 4 successful programmes running with many modules that can be individual chosen, such as the CompTIA A+ and N+, and each is all-encompassing, which means students will receive a full training experience and end the course with the knowledge they need.

The 4 main programmes listed on our website, and under each programme you can find out more about exactly what the course offers and what you can expect to get out of it, once you’ve passed the course.

Comptia IT Training Courses image for ASG

IT Training Courses – CompTIA

This particular range of courses is suitable for those looking to take their careers to the next level or add to their IT know how. CompTIA is available as an online course, while we also offer classroom training. The course cover everything from basic IT information (CompTIA A+), to working with networks (CompTIA N+), and even getting servers up and running (CompTIA Server+) with the necessary knowledge to secure your IT Infrastructure (CompTIA Security+).

MCSA it training courses image for ASG

IT Training Courses – Microsoft

They might be the most basic of certifications to specialise in, but they are without a doubt among the most sought after with, for example, Microsoft Excel being a complex application that has endless functionalities. This course will help you become a Microsoft pro. With this course, you will be ready to tackle Window Servers and PCs using Microsoft product with the knowledge on how to setup, install, maintain, troubleshoot and being able to implement security measures with our Windows 10 Client Course.

CISCO it training courses image for ASG

IT Training Courses – Cisco

Cisco certifications are the perfect option for those wanting to gain a deeper understanding about and practical knowledge needed to work with Cisco Switching and Cisco Routing. There are two separate courses on each of these subjects.

Ethical hacking it training courses image for ASG

IT Training Courses – Ethical Hacking

With this interesting course you will be taken into the technical world of information security, security management, and ethical hacking. This is the ideal course for IT specialists looking to focus more on the security side of the industry.


What is IT Training?

This is training based in the IT field that gives you the necessary skills to perform and solve IT tasks. Tasks, such as how to build a computer or install applications.

What type of IT training Courses can I learn?

IT training courses, such as CompTIA, Microsoft (MCSA), Cisco routing & switching or Ethical hacking.

What is the hands on bootcamp offered by ASG?

Referred to as “ASG Difference”, this bootcamp transforms what you have learned in your e-Learning and/or study guides into valuable skills you will be using from day one on your job as an IT, network, security, or cloud engineer. For example, ASG does not just teach DHCP, instead, they show you how to configure a DHCP server, which addresses you shouldn’t use, and which parameters you can allocate to hosts. If the protocol isn’t working, ASG shows you what the probable cause is and then how to fix it.

Do I need work experience before doing IT Training Courses?

For basic courses, a high school or NQF4 is required and for more advanced courses, it is preferable to have at least 12 months as an IT support specialist first.

What is the price range for IT Training Courses?

The price range for IT Training Courses starts at R4,950 incl VAT to R11,500 incl VAT for bundled courses.

Ready to take your knowledge of IT to new heights, and open up a new field of opportunity?