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What to look for in an IT company ☑️ (Ultimate Online Guide)

What to look for in an IT company in South Africa by aSG

What to look for in an IT company

The previous two years have demonstrated the need of adaptation and flexibility for organizations. The epidemic has spawned a number of phenomena that are causing businesses to make significant adjustments. Some predictions suggest that the market might grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 19.1% between now and 2026 as a result of the widespread adoption of digital transformation initiatives.

The tech transformation cannot happen without data. The likelihood of security breaches and losses grows as companies manage ever-growing data volumes. But the advantages of digital transformation will outweigh the potential drawbacks, so it will continue.

Choosing an IT company is no easy task, therefore it’s important to make sure they’re a solid fit for your organization. A series of inquiries and some background reading should yield the information you need. Getting the appropriate IT firm on board may have a dramatic effect on the success of your business. ASG is one of the leading IT companies in South Africa, and here to give you a clear guide on what to look for in an IT company.


What then should you consider when partnering with an IT company?


1. Availability

Having access to round-the-clock IT help is valuable for every organization, no matter its output. Since technical issues can occur at any time, this is especially crucial for companies that are operating around the clock.

Your company may not be open all day, but you still need network monitoring to make sure everything is running well when you open for business. Without regular monitoring, you may show up at the office only to find that your network is down and you can’t do anything until it’s fixed.

2. Response times

If you need IT support, finding a business with a fast response time is a top need. The inability to maintain staff productivity in the face of IT issues is a major deterrent to hiring an IT firm.

You should inquire as to the turnaround time for a reply. If a computer glitch needs personal attention, for instance, you might want to know how long it will be until someone comes to fix it. You should also inquire as to how long it will take them to resolve the issue.

3. Security

A managed IT support provider should guarantee its customers the highest level of security possible. There will be a dramatic shift in how your computers are used as soon as you begin working with an IT support business.

A reliable IT service provider, for instance, will set up measures like stricter password policies, network monitoring, and two-factor authentication for user access. They will also assist you in creating user profiles to restrict access to specific devices and folders. Increased security measures make it more difficult for unauthorized users to access sensitive corporate information.

4. Expertise

You should be wary of hiring an IT company with inexperienced and unskilled employees. To guarantee the highest quality results, you should use a business that employs a staff of trained professionals. You’ll save yourself time and money by avoiding an organization that isn’t equipped to handle IT difficulties with expertise and ease. Contact businesses and inquire about the experience and training of their staff.

5. Advise and repairs

Hiring an IT support company is a big decision for any organization, but for smaller enterprises, it’s especially important to choose a company that can do both repairs and consulting.

You’ll be in a better position to integrate new technologies in the future if you partner with a firm that can help guide you. The IT firm should teach your staff how to troubleshoot simple problems and suggest the most suitable tools for the job.


The bottom line is to partner with a company that understands your business, your industry, your IT needs and have the ability, capacity and willingness to build an effective long-term relationship built on professional service and effective communication.

If you outsource your IT to ASG, you will manage your business more effectively, increase your company’s worth, and lessen the likelihood of potential disasters. We can help you with all of your computer needs in the greater Johannesburg area, Gauteng by apply over 32 years of experience as a leading IT company. Computer repairs will be done as quickly as possible and with as little disruption as possible. ASG is dedicated to being your outsourced IT company and partner as your business grows.

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