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Professional tips to finding a new IT company for 2023

Tips on how to find a new IT company in 2023 by ASG

Professional tips to finding a new IT company for 2023

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its lowest economic prognosis assessment since 2001 in its global growth profile for October 2022. This is because of the increased cost of living brought on by the coronavirus outbreak and the economic shocks caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

As a result, people all across the world are worried that inflation and interest rates will stifle economic progress. Since these conditions are likely to cause disruptions in exports and imports with the main three global economies, they will have a detrimental effect on developing countries like South Africa. There is a 25% chance that global growth would decline to less than 2%, making this one of the weakest global growth periods since the 1970s. The IMF predicts that 2023 will seem like a recession year for many people.

Against this rather gloomy background, choosing a new IT company in 2023 needs companies to be extra careful in their consideration of the options on the table. In this blog, we give you professional tips to find a new IT company for 2023.


One should always plan ahead. Over the past few years, mostly due to the pandemic, there have been dramatic shifts in the way we do our jobs that few could have anticipated.

It may be argued that handing over control of your project, data, and software to an outside entity is fraught with peril. You may lessen the odds of something going wrong if you do your due diligence on the organization and make sure they have the required expertise and a good track record. In this section, we’ll go over some of the best ways to locate a reliable IT firm to partner with your business that might need to adapt to your business growth through these rough periods and becoming an essential part of your business’ foundation for the future.

How to choose an IT company

There is no silver bullet that will solve every problem

The world of commercial software is not as simple as plugging in a new programme. The second phase of implementation may have already been planned before the first has even begun, and 2023 may be even more hectic. New insights into what works and what needs immediate attention are revealed every day. For your business to succeed, you need a reliable partner that can supply your needs on time, at a fair price and adapt to what your business needs.

To offer you with the most comprehensive IT support services possible, ASG, an IT support company situated in Germiston, has cultivated various partnerships and affiliations with industry-leading IT and business solution suppliers. These partnerships guarantee that we will be able to fulfil all of your requirements.

Man thinking if an IT company in 2023 should allow hybrid working by ASG


Employers’ policies on workers’ ability to work remotely, hybrid, or in the office again have been quite muddled since the pandemic. As a result, more and more bosses are coming to the conclusion that the question of whether or not to permit remote work is, in fact, missing the point.

Accessibility is more important than physical presence. A wide variety of technological aids are available to facilitate ease of access. Some company tasks, however, necessitate and profit from the presence of in-person staff. As we go towards the year 2023, it will be crucial to establish efficient lines of communication between the appropriate parties in order to get the necessary tasks accomplished.

Communication will be key

Successful collaboration relies on two-way communication. Find a partner that is quick to respond to your emails and phone calls, who keeps you abreast of developments, and who is straightforward and forthright in conveying their views, worries, and criticism.

Simultaneously, you must follow the same standards. Make sure your needs are crystal clear, your goals are recorded, and your lines of communication are set up before getting a new IT company. In order to stay informed, schedule weekly meetings with the project manager. You and your IT collaborator should have an agreement on the means through which you will track progress and share your thoughts. Create a central repository where the entire team can update and access the latest version of project files. Verify all of the outsourcing company’s references, especially if they are located in a foreign nation and have a different cultural perspective than you.

As a whole, flexibility is most certainly required because outsourcing of IT while your business adapts to market conditions is not a simple task. Quick and clear lines of communication should be set out so that your next IT company knows how they need to support your business for the future to come. 

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