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How to Choose the Best CCTV System (Beginner's Guide)

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A beginner’s guide to choosing CCTV systems

You’ve made the decision to invest in a surveillance camera for your residence or place of business. If you’ve ever looked through CCTV security camera brochures, you may have been tempted to put off the purchase until another day due to the overwhelming number of choices, product images, technical features, and pricing levels.

There are numerous CCTV surveillance cameras on the market, making it difficult to choose the ideal one for your home or business.

Before you start shopping around you may want to ask yourself:

  • Is there a certain brand I’m looking for, and does it matter?
  • What am I attempting to achieve?
  • How many cameras should I have?
  • How much money do I have?
  • Should I make a once off purchase or rent to own financing?


In this beginner’s guide, we’ll provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on which security camera to purchase.


How to choose the best CCTV system:


What should the camera see?

Do you want the camera to see what’s outside the front driveway gate or if someone is at your front door? Or who is entering and leaving business’ premises. We frequently compare our human vision to what we expect cameras to do, but no camera can match the optical perspective of the human eye, with its 160-degree peripheral view and ability to see up to 160 meters away. However, as technology has advanced, CCTV surveillance cameras now have a wide range of capabilities.


Where should the camera be installed?

The topography of your land and the level of protection you require will play a big role in determining where your first camera should be installed. Typically, the first camera is installed near the main entrance or gate to gather information about a people or vehicles trying to enter, followed by extra cameras to cover weak spots.


The quality of vision

To determine which camera is best for you, consider the quality of the image you want and your current and long-term security needs before making a purchase. Analog cameras provide low resolution images, while HD cameras have high resolution images that are nearly as good as IP cameras, if not better.


A greater resolution provides a picture that is noticeably improved, which makes it possible to digitally zoom in while maintaining the image quality, which is necessary for recognising subjects and details such as license plates on vehicles. When you zoom in, you can share the information with the police as well as your security providers.


Value for money

When it comes to purchasing a CCTV surveillance camera system for your home or company, look for the most bang for your buck. Instead of purchasing an unbranded, low-quality camera that may cause buyer’s regret, it is better to invest in a small, high-quality system that can grow with you as your needs grow. If it is necessary to reserve your cashflow by avoiding upfront purchases, then rent to own financing is also possible. Ask your supplier what the reputable brands on the market are and how they will benefit you.


Check the product guarantee

When purchasing CCTV surveillance cameras from an established security business, you can expect a one- to three-year guarantee, as well as the choice of self-installation or expert installation.


What will the installation cost?

Shoppers should also consider the cost of recorders, cables, connectors, an uninterrupted power supply, as well as the labour costs and commissioning of the unit when selecting a CCTV surveillance camera. The purchasing price and CCTV installation cost should be transparent and clear, which is why we at ASG make it a point to get all the fees up front.


Ask for professional advice

It might take some time to get a handle on the huge variety of camera technology available, and the most recent cameras are capable of so much more in terms of protection. Make sure you have the entire picture on quality and pricing before you make a decision by consulting with an experienced and insured security specialist who will be able to examine your business or property and show you recorded footage from various types of cameras.


If you are unsure of where to start, then it is possible to request a free site assessment from ASG. The assessment will help determine exactly what type of camera should go where and create a thorough plan and quote for your premises.

Need a FREE ONSITE CCTV assessment or more information?


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