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What is PABX and how does it work?

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What is PABX and how does it work?

The PABX system is capacity to electronically switch between calls without the need for human operators laid the groundwork for the development of the Private Automatic Branch Exchange, more commonly referred to as PABX.

In this blog, we’ll define PABX systems and explain how it works.


Due to the fact that multiple users can share a single phone line, a PABX system can significantly reduce a company’s phone expenses. In addition, staff will be able to use short extension numbers to make internal calls. 

Toggle and conference calls are just two examples of the PABX system’s many capabilities. This implies that you can easily move between chatting with a co-worker and responding to a client’s questions. At the same time, you’ll be able to connect with a large number of people at once.

Call forwarding (eg. press 1 for technical support, 2 for…), call transfer, call waiting, and callback are some common PABX capabilities.

Newer phone services connect public networks with private phones via IP protocols. The goal is to make it possible to conduct phone calls using cloud-based solutions. When using cloud-based PABX systems, a company does not need to acquire hardware for an automated branch exchange. There are a variety of business phone systems available from ASG, including traditional systems with features like group calling and voicemail and more modern VoIP options. It is possible to setup mobile phones with an app to connect to the PABX system which makes it handy for employees working remotely to stay connected to the business phone number.

How does PABX work?

Same of the PABX system components include a switchboard console, computers, and hardware. In order to transmit and receive digital signal packets, the current hosted PABX system will use voice over IP technology. The first step in this procedure is the digitalisation of an analogue signal. Once the conversion is complete, the PABX system can use any means of transmission that is compatible with the digital format of the signal.

While the signal is being transmitted, the system will also give extra features like redial, speed dial, call forwarding, caller ID, auto-attendant, and voicemail.

Once the PABX system has been implemented, the organisation will be able to add local extensions to its internal network. These extension numbers will be allocated to certain devices or phones in the company’s premises.

The primary benefit of a PABX system is the ability to conduct internal company calls without the use of a third-party networking infrastructure. Additionally, staff can communicate with one other by simply pressing a single button.

What about the cloud?

As a Hosted PBX provider, ASG employs LCR (Least Cost Routing) to ensure that you always get the best possible price for your calls, regardless of whether they’re made over Telkom or any other mobile service provider. VoIP handsets from Yealink or Yeaster connect to your computer network via the cable already in place. All you need to do is plug and play, with no ongoing PBX expenses. If you have a PBX, you can utilise your smartphone as an extension.

Using our Cloud PBX system, you may save up to 40% per month on telephony costs by removing monthly line rentals and paying only for usage.

ASG is a provider and installer of Cloud PBX as well as a company that specialises in PBX systems, and we can help you streamline your telecom operations by providing you with an On-premise or Hosted Cloud PBX solution.

Our IP-based PBX is a feature-rich business phone system that routes all of your incoming and outgoing voice calls over your computer data network and any existing fibre or wireless Internet connection. This allows the system to handle all of your company’s telephony needs. Employees do not need to be in the office and the cloud hosted PBX phone system can scale up or down with the number employees that the business has – employees are allocated an extension number that connected to the business phone number.

Our PBX system operates over corporate Fibre or voice LTE internet. PBX system is capable of switching to a backup LTE voice router or Telkom lines if your Internet goes down, without dropping calls.

ASG’s certified experts can quickly and easily setup and install an Enterprise Cloud Hosted or On-premise PBX for your business.


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