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How to switch IT companies successfully (Step-by-Step Guide)

Guide on how to swtich IT Companies in South Africa with ASG

How to switch IT companies successfully

Most executives believe that changing IT providers is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure. In reality, this isn’t the case, and switching to an IT provider that enhances your company’s worth can be done smoothly and without interruption.

The transition can be effective if you take the necessary safety steps as well as adhere to the required procedures and overall, plan ahead for the transfer.


1. Schedule the transfer

First, do not cancel your IT company until you’ve found a new one that’s ready to help you through the process. Find out if your contract sets a deadline for when you can switch to a new provider. Your current contract probably requires you to give a 30-day notice. Your contract could be renewed for a full year without you being told. This means you should finish your new contract about six weeks before your current one ends. Some overlap may be required between your new IT support business and your current service provider.

The overlap is especially useful in the event of a more contentious split. Check to see if your current IT company provides you with administrative access to your network, including logins, passwords, and other sensitive information. Keeping passwords and network access from you or your new firm is against the law. But IT businesses have been known to have done it. Continuity of operations is better ensured by allowing more time for overlap between the two organisations. This allows your new IT company enough time to assist you with the transfer.

Understanding how your current IT support firm operates might be facilitated by acquiring a network map. You must also have a file backup strategy in place before moving your data from your old IT business to your new one.

2. Make a thorough security evaluation

The smoothness of this transfer is as much in the hands of your new IT support provider as it was of your previous one. With the help of a reputable IT support provider, you can focus on other aspects of your business. This is nothing new for them; they’ve dealt with it many times before. The sooner you enlist them, the sooner they can advise you and work with your previous firm on your behalf.

A thorough security evaluation by your new IT business will help you identify any existing vulnerabilities or backdoors. It will also allow your new IT firm to recommend and implement better security measures into your IT infrastructure, thereby resolving these back doors.

Decide ahead of time what information you want to give your new IT company. There are a number of IT-related tools and templates that might help your new service provider get to know your organisation better. There is no such thing as too much information, even if your new provider has their own system.

3. Communicate the change

Create a communication strategy you can use to guide your team. Disclose all relevant contact details, such as those for customer service or other departments, to your entire staff. Everyone will benefit from well defined roles. Make it obvious who is responsible for what, who they report to, and the line of command in order to avoid finger pointing. Make a list of people you can contact when needed urgently. Creating a spreadsheet with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and supervisors depending on projects would make life much easier for everyone.

During the transition of an IT organisation, it is uncommon for systems to be inaccessible, but it is possible. It is important that you let your team know if any of the systems they use will be down so that they may adjust their work efficiently.

4. Prepare your list of IT companies

It is essential to understand what you want your next IT company to do before preparing your list of possible IT companies to switch to. Your company might need dedicated IT support for certain services, custom IT services, or even an all-in-one IT solution so that you have one point of contact for all your IT needs. When your goal is clear, then start your search for IT companies that match your requirements. IT companies can send your quotes for your request or possibly do an IT assessment to determine what IT services your business needs. 


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