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The Advantage of Rent-to-Own IT Equipment for Short Term Projects

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The Advantage of Rent-to-Own IT Equipment for Short-Term Projects

While there are many costs that a business must account for, one of the largest is typically associated with IT hardware and software.

RTO, or “rent to own,” is a payment plan that lets companies buy equipment and supplies over time. Instead of returning the equipment at the conclusion of the lease term as is the case with leasing, rent-to-own arrangements give businesses the option to keep the equipment once all rent payments have been made.

Payment terms, the length of the rental period, and other critical aspects like maintenance obligations are outlined in an agreement between the business and the rent-to-own company. Over the course of the agreement’s lifetime, the company will make periodic payments to cover the asset’s entire cost. In this article, we will cover the advantages of rent-to-own IT equipment for short-term projects.

What are the Benefits of Rent-to-Own IT Equipment?

Rent-to-own contracts are a great option for firms and consumers that need new machinery but can’t afford to buy it outright. Lessees can put the equipment through its paces before committing to a purchase decision, which is one benefit of this arrangement. If they do this, they have a better chance of getting machinery that suits their demands and functions well for their company.

Rent-to-own agreements are convenient because they allow you to get the things you need without having to shell out a tonne of money right now. There is no need for a substantial upfront payment on the part of the business; instead, payments are spread out over the term of the agreement, with ownership being transferred upon the final payment.

In addition, businesses that do not meet the requirements for conventional financing may be able to use rent-to-own agreements as a way to get the equipment they need. For this reason, rent-to-own is an excellent financing choice for new enterprises and individuals with less-than-perfect credit.

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Due to the unconventional financial nature of rent-to-own arrangements, some tax benefits may become accessible as an alternative to leasing or outright purchase. Rental payments made for IT financing and leases are eligible for a VAT refund from the government. Instead of being capitalised at the outset of the rental term, VAT will be paid monthly, bringing the upfront costs down. In rare situations, you can even get your VAT back.

Instead of appearing as an asset on the balance sheet, IT financing is recorded as an operating expense. This is good for the gearing and credit standing of your business. You also need not waste time on tedious administration tasks like depreciation, updating the fixed asset register, etc.

One of the greatest advantages of equipment rental is the ability to take advantage of the latest technological advances without having to make a major financial investment each time.

Our rental packages are tailor-made to fit each client’s financial constraints. This justifies the availability of a wide range of annual increase options, from 0% to 12% to 15% and beyond. Rental periods start at 24 months and go up to 60.

For more information about our Rent-to-own solution, visit our dedicated landing page.

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