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Reasons to Outsource IT Services (Benefits & Disadvantages)

List of Advantages and disadvantages to outsource IT services with ASG

Why Outsource your IT in South Africa?


Your business is presently running anywhere from 10 to 250 PCs and you are thinking of outsourcing your IT services. To do or not to do?

With more than three decades’ experience as a professional outsourced IT support company, we hope to highlight some benefits and disadvantages you should consider when outsourcing your IT.


Using an external IT service provider to handle part or all of your company’s IT needs is known as outsourcing. App management, technical support, telecommunications and disaster recovery are among the many IT services that may be outsourced. Data storage is also a popular service.


IT outsourcing services are especially beneficial to smaller businesses because it allows them to have both a small in-house staff and a skilled IT team without breaking the bank with an affordable fixed and predictable monthly fee. Organisations are also investing in outsourcing their IT requirements because IT companies can scale with their business as and when needed


Advantages of outsourcing your IT


Saving costs

The challenge of putting up a full-fledged IT staff component for your company is not a simple one. If you’re on a budget, it’s even more challenging to locate IT professionals with the right qualifications and expertise. You may tap into a bigger pool of potential employees by contracting out certain tasks to specialist firms. Depending on where these firms are situated and how many of their jobs are remote, they have access to applicants in different regions of the nation or the globe. Recruiters will also be used by the contracting firm in order to find the top applicants for the positions.


At ASG they offer budgetary pricing for smaller companies from R6000 to R21 500 a month, and ask a fee of between R35 000 and R95 000 for companies that has between 70 to 250 users. This compares favourably with the estimated combined internal staff costs of up to R74 500 a month. This estimate excludes hidden costs like finding the right people for the job, training, leave benefits, or unexpected IT challenges that need to be resolved It’s an affordable fixed fee so you will know what you need to pay next month.


Increased Efficiency and Competitiveness

When you outsource IT to a leading IT company in South Africa, you free up your in-house staff to work on duties that generate money or introduce new ideas. Every manager has a limited amount of time and attention to devote to his or her company. Instead of getting bogged down in the minutiae of IT choices, outsourcing will allow your core teams to concentrate on what they do best.

Trying to handle all of a company’s IT needs in-house might result in longer periods of time spent on research and development, as well as implementation — costs that drive up expenses that are inevitably passed on to consumers.


Low risk and high security

Investing in any kind of company entails a degree of risk. It is impossible to keep up with the rapid evolution of markets, competition, governmental restrictions, financial circumstances and technological advances. With their unique sector experience, outsourcing providers absorb and handle most of this risk on your behalf, particularly when it comes to security and compliance concerns, such as POPI compliance in your IT infrastructure.


Disadvantages of outsourcing your IT services


Decline in staff morale

Your company’s culture and employee morale may be negatively impacted by outsourcing. It’s possible that your workers may feel redundant if they don’t comprehend the need of outsourcing. Some workers can become irritated as processes grow more complicated.


Limited flexibility and control

It is possible that you may be restricted by contract obligations when outsourcing work to an IT provider. Software, methods and protocols, as well as recruiting and scheduling practices, may be less within your control. Outsourcing might also hinder your company’s ability to adapt as it expands or undergoes changes but a clear gameplan and communication will help your IT company better prepare for changes to your business You may also have less influence over third-party contracted personnel who work away from the company’s headquarters.


Security limitations

Outsourcing has the potential to make data security more difficult. Outsourcing often includes numerous locations that use technology to communicate and exchange information, which increases the likelihood of data breaches as more sites are involved but a skilled IT company can secure vulnerabilities and ensure data protection (cyber security) for the devices connected to your IT infrastructure.

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