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What Businesses Need to Build Their IT Foundation Right From the Start

What do business need IT from start

Building a Solid IT Foundation for Your Business

A combination of agility and stability in IT can benefit businesses of all kinds. Having said that, scalability might be hindered when growth affects multi-OS systems. As an IT company, we understand an organisation’s IT infrastructure can be made more user-friendly, automated, and secure by following a few best practices. Building a solid IT foundation for you business is crucial to the ongoing success and seamless expansion of operating systems across all platforms in your business.


Standardised Infrastructure

Ensuring scalability is essential, not merely a nice-to-have. Your company’s IT should be able to easily expand in response to new demands. Maintaining flexible and adaptable infrastructure is crucial, whether you’re trying to accommodate a growing workforce or deal with higher data loads.

Seamless integration is the key to efficiency. Opt for an IT system that facilitates the seamless operation of various components. A highly interconnected infrastructure improves overall efficiency, whether it’s through the integration of different software applications or by guaranteeing compatibility with current systems.

Take advantage of ASG’s infrastructure solutions in South Africa for improved efficiency and cutting-edge thinking. Optimise the distribution of workloads over fewer servers by standardising on a single, enterprise-grade open-source operating system. This will simplify your IT environment.

With our open application platform, you can unlock the potential of cloud operations, boosting opportunities for scalability and flexibility. By integrating with your current systems and procedures, our unified platform frees up your IT department to concentrate on mission-critical projects.

Let ASG show you how standardised infrastructures could help your business. Push innovation forward in a variety of settings while simultaneously increasing efficiency and operational effectiveness. Reimagine your company’s IT infrastructure with ASG’s all-inclusive solutions.


Optimise Your Investment

Businesses in South Africa rely on ASG to cut costs, guarantee reliability, and reduce downtime risks. Being mindful of financial limitations, our solutions find the sweet spot between affordability and practicality, taking into account both upfront costs and ongoing operating expenditures. Our affordable IT infrastructure solutions are designed to meet your budgetary requirements while maintaining top-notch performance. In addition, our emphasis on stability and redundancy ensures that your organisation can continue to run efficiently regardless of external factors such as hardware breakdowns or power outages. In today’s highly competitive market, your organisation needs an infrastructure that can withstand interruptions. ASG provides just that.

Cost containment is of utmost importance in the current economic climate. The capacity of IT infrastructure to deliver critical uptime, agility, and efficiency is, however, put at risk when capital expenditures fall short of expectations. One option is to use open source software, which can help you build a strong IT foundation at a low cost. You can do more by switching to open source:

  • To maintain uniformity across all settings, go with an open source OS that has commercial support.
  • Keep your organisation adaptable by incorporating new technology into your current infrastructure without a hitch.
  • Accelerate large-scale innovation by tapping into the extensive open source community for incremental enhancements.
  • Take advantage of open hybrid or multi-cloud architecture’s cost savings and interoperability.


Tackle Cybersecurity Head-On

The need of data protection in preventing catastrophic breaches has never been greater, given the increasing severity of cyber threats and the stringency of data privacy legislation. This is an immediate problem, and ASG has a recommendation: use open platforms with several layers of protection. By standardising OSes, we reduce system variability so that all systems are protected with the most recent security patches. Automation makes it easier to comply with privacy rules, and well-managed containerised cloud environments improve security without any noticeable effort. By implementing ASG’s layered security strategy with Sophos, enterprises can bolster their defences against advanced attacks, protect the integrity of their data, and achieve regulatory compliance.


Consider Cloud Computing

Use ASG’s cutting-edge technologies to unleash cloud computing’s full potential. When it comes to optimising essential business operations and fulfilling increasing client expectations, cloud platforms provide unrivalled agility and scalability. Nevertheless, there are obstacles to overcome when working with proprietary technologies. Integrating with hybrid and multi-cloud setups is a breeze with ASG’s cloud solutions because of their interoperability.

Use open-source software to automate and manage cloud computing in a variety of settings. Use an open OS as a standard to manage and deploy applications consistently in the cloud and on-premises. To optimise productivity and streamline DevOps, deploy an open application platform that allows for smooth application movement between cloud environments.


Embrace Automation

Embracing automation is crucial for firms in today’s fast-paced digital economy that are looking to prosper despite disruption. Businesses can save time and money by automating mundane processes, which frees up IT departments to work on growth-and innovation-critical strategic initiatives. Automation shortens development deadlines and improves efficiency by automating operations like application deployment, workflow orchestration, setup, and provisioning. On top of that, automation lessens expenses and hazards related to human error while ensuring processes are consistent. ASG provides all-encompassing automation solutions that enable organisations to thrive in the ever-changing digital economy through adaptation, innovation, and self-sufficiency.


IT personnel struggle to navigate complex IT systems with so many platforms and layers of technology. These situations require a multifaceted approach to streamline processes. A unified operating system streamlines operations and infrastructure, and automation ensures consistency and frees up time for key tasks.

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