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How to find the best IT companies in South Africa (eGuide)

Guide on how to find IT companies in South Africa by ASG

How to find the best IT companies in South Africa

The information technology sector in South Africa accounts for a sizeable portion of the country’s GDP, and the country boasts the largest IT market on the African continent. Increasing digitisation and urbanisation in South Africa should propel growth for the country’s software companies over the next few years. The best software companies in South Africa are well-positioned to take advantage of the country’s expanding e-commerce market and the pervasiveness of consumer technology.

In 2017, the worldwide software market was valued at an estimated $405 billion; by 2022, that number is projected to increase to $565 billion, a compound annual growth rate of over 7%. 


When it comes to providing cutting-edge enterprise solutions to their clients, the leading South African software developers are likely to place a premium on research and development, as well as partnerships with other companies in the tech industry. South Africa’s best IT firms, which already number among the world’s top 100 software producers, are poised to grow even further as a result of globalisation’s opening of previously inaccessible markets.

Tech firms must be trustworthy and knowledgeable. But what exactly separates the good IT firms from the great ones? These are just some of the traits that successful IT firms must have.

A track record of success

Your company will benefit most from working with an IT firm that has extensive experience in the area(s) in which you need assistance.

Any reputable IT support company should have testimonials from satisfied clients that detail the level of service they received. Nearly all customer service ticketing systems have a post-ticket survey submission option for satisfied customers. Get a sample of the responses people have given. A warning sign is if they are reluctant to share the comments or ratings.

Understands your needs

An experienced IT provider is aware that not all businesses have the same cybersecurity or IT requirements. Top-tier IT firms will take the time to learn about your unique needs and design solutions accordingly.

They won’t make false promises or fail to deliver what they’ve promised. An exceptional IT firm is one that can meet the unique IT and cybersecurity requirements of a variety of sectors, such as the medical and mining sectors.


You want your IT provider to be available around the clock in case of emergencies. Expert IT service providers may use tools like service automation and preplanned maintenance to give the impression of constant availability. They must be able to detail the service delivery process, service-level agreement details, and uptime guarantees they offer.

Improve your technology experience

IT goes far beyond just using computers. Instead of just keeping things running smoothly, technology should be used to propel the company forward. Your IT support team should offer guidance on how to maximise your use of technology, keep you on course with your technology strategy, offer suggestions for enhancements, and ensure that they are implemented.

You should meet with your IT provider on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on how fast your business evolves, to realign on business priorities, assign resources, and report on results, in addition to communicating about support services.

Focus on the customer

Your IT service provider should prioritise you, the customer, with empathy and understanding, regardless of how technical or complex your question may be. With years of experience behind them, they can handle the technical side of things with clinical precision, be it a website outage or a simple patch management issue. You can count on a top-notch IT firm to always put your needs first, including listening carefully to your concerns.

IT assistance and cybersecurity are complicated, but they shouldn’t be hard to get. Tech firms should provide a single consumer touchpoint, such as a phone call, social network message, or website contact form. The IT services provider should then handle any complex operations, liaising directly with the business to guarantee an expedient solution with little user stress.

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