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The Definitive Guide to Security Cameras & How They Work 🎦

A definitive guide to security camera installation by ASG.

The Definitive Guide to Security Cameras

Every company owner faces the possibility of loss or harm to their establishment as a result of criminal activity, be it burglary, shoplifting, vandalism, or something else entirely. Installation of surveillance cameras, however, can greatly reduce such dangers.

Installing Security cameras allow you to keep a close eye on your business from afar, regardless of where you happen to be. As a result, you and your staff/clientele may relax more and focus on what you do best.

In the online guide, we will explain what security cameras are, how they function and why you need them.

How security cameras work

The data captured by security cameras is often transmitted to a central place for review. Many older security cameras connect to the recorder by coax or Cat5e/Cat6 cable; however, many newer systems connect via a network of switches, much like surveillance cameras.

When compared to a standalone surveillance camera, the fact that a security camera is typically part of a larger security system is a key differentiator. That the cameras can send alarms to a mobile app or a 24-hour command centre with the help of artificial intelligence is another possibility.

Although there are commonalities among many types of camera systems, the conditions in which they are deployed often differ greatly.  Commercial CCTV solutions, then, extend to a wide range of settings, including offices and storage facilities. The design and installation will also be tailored to your specific space, needs, and budget.


1. Thermal cameras

The difficulties and issues associated with poor imaging quality in low light are circumvented by thermal image cameras. The heat radiation is detected by these cameras rather than the visible light.

A thermal image camera is capable of capturing images regardless of the weather or lighting. As a result, these are ideal for use in the open air.

2. Temperature screening cameras

A camera of this type can identify an individual whose body temperature has risen above a predetermined limit. In addition, they can be utilised for numerous temperature checks on new hires or guests. Commercial closed-circuit television systems can benefit greatly from these kinds of technologies.

3. Access control cameras

Having one of these systems installed limits the number of people who may enter your building and helps you keep track of who has access to what areas of the building.

Changes to permission levels for individual users can be implemented immediately, and the entire system can be monitored and updated remotely. There’s a wide variety of options to choose from, so you can find an option that works with your setup and your budget.


Where to find security camera installers in Johannesburg

The need for effective security and surveillance is an ongoing concern for businesses and organisations in Johannesburg, which is easily South Africa’s largest commercial centre.

ASG installs CCTV cameras that provide high-definition detail and accurate imaging at all hours of the day and night, and you’ll always know what’s going on no matter where you are.

CCTV camera systems from industry-leading manufacturers including Hikvision, Mobotix, Geovision, and Dahua are installed by ASG, a top-tier CCTV firm in the Gauteng region. Real-time, both day and night, recordings are included in our 8, 16, and 32-channel analogue, IP network, and hybrid CCTV camera systems are all available.

ASG installs security and access control systems, including all necessary hardware and cabling. ASG is the go-to CCTV installation company throughout the greater Johannesburg, East Rand, Sandton, Midrand, Randburg, Centurion, and Pretoria districts. CCTV, keypad entry, and locked gates are all part of this system.

In order to keep valuables safe from theft or vandalism, a security system is an absolute necessity in any commercial setting. There is a growing number of internet-enabled security devices thanks to developments in internet technology.

A reliable cabling system is essential to the proper operation of each of them. You can trust ASG to provide you with up-to-date recommendations on requirements and solutions.

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