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Cloud-Based IT Services — A Guide to Stay Productive Through Loadshedding

Rent to own IT equipment to have power during the loadshedding schedule by ASG

A Guide to Stay Productive Through Load Shedding


There have been more days (and nights) without electricity and load shedding in South Africa in 2023 than in the previous decade.

Power outages have cost the country 1,296 hours so far this year, according to data collated by independent energy researcher Pieter Jordaan for the Power Availability Statistics (PAS). It’s the equivalent of nearly two months without electricity (54 complete days).

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, and if you have heard about it but have not yet been convinced of its usefulness, we, at ASG can help you set it up.

Through cloud-based IT services users can access their programs and data remotely over the internet without the need to purchase or maintain their own servers or other data storage devices.

Because of this, costly initial investments in server infrastructure and software are unnecessary. Instead, you’ll pay for use of the server and any necessary server support. You can pay for the software you use just when you use it thanks to the subscription models offered by several software companies for their cloud-based applications.

Day-to Day

Adopting cloud-based solutions is a terrific option if you want your business to continue operating properly during the load-shedding time.

Online software gives you the freedom to do your work from any location with an internet connection, rather than being tied to a single physical location. Your staff will no longer need access to a PC or server in the office in order to use accounting software, CRM software, or productivity tools; instead, they may do so from anywhere with an internet connection, including at home, in a coffee shop, or on the go with mobile data.

Your team members can access the most up-to-date information and projects from any device (tablet, smartphone, or laptop) without you having to worry about performing backups.

A solution to the loadshedding schedule in South Africa.


Having mentioned backups… If you don’t want to lose hours of work or critical data in the event of a power outage, make sure you regularly back up your data.

Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive are just two examples of cloud-based storage and backup solutions that can be a lifeline for small businesses.

You can save draughts of whatever you work on to the cloud and access them from any device. You should back up your data online, but it’s also a good idea to have a copy on an external hard drive in case you ever need access to it and can’t get online.

You won’t normally have to worry about backing up data like accounting and payroll records if you use cloud-based tools and services.


Without spending money on more servers, cloud computing provides virtually unlimited scalability. Additional resources are accessible on a pay-as-you-go basis if a sudden influx of work necessitates it. Since we can access your systems remotely via the cloud and fix any difficulties, IT support is streamlined and simplified.

We Can Help

You and your team can ease into the transition and learn the ropes with ASG’s guidance as you migrate your systems gradually.

To improve internal communication and teamwork, ASG’s certified technicians can set up Cloud Servers, Microsoft Exchange Online, Office 365, and Google Apps in accordance with your specific needs. ASG offers one of the top technical support services for small businesses, as evidenced by their consistently excellent client satisfaction ratings.

Get in touch with us immediately to learn how migrating your company’s IT infrastructure to the cloud can reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

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