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The Future of Surveillance: Trends in CCTV Technology in 2024

CCTV Technology Trends

CCTV Technology Trends in 2024


The safety of employees and customers in business establishments has long been an important concern for security personnel. New security technologies make it easier than ever to safeguard home and commercial premises efficiently, from preventing crime to providing a better overall experience.

As a CCTV company in Johannesburg, we understand the importance of ensuring your security systems are cybersecure has never been higher, though, because cybercrime is still a worldwide problem and a major factor in the security, cybersecurity, and information security trends of 2024.

To put that in perspective, nearly half of all breaches caused by external factors include compromised credentials, and about a quarter of all breaches include ransomware, which encrypts data maliciously and demands payment to decrypt it.

CCTV technology has undergone a tremendous transformation. Thanks to the introduction of high-definition (HD) cameras, surveillance systems can now record videos and photos with a pixel-perfect clarity, improving the ability to identify individuals and gather evidence. The evolution of video analytics has revolutionised the functionality of CCTV systems. The algorithms used in video analytics can do a lot more than just monitor and detect objects; they can also identify licence plates, count people, and study patterns of activity. Because of this, CCTV systems can offer real-time insights for improved decision-making, automate operations, and decrease the need for human interaction.

The storage and retrieval of video data has been utterly transformed by the shift from analogue to digital CCTV systems. Digital CCTV systems use secure cloud storage, which allows quick retrieval and remote access to video footage, as opposed to analogue systems that rely on tapes. In this article, we will discuss the CCTV technology trends of 2024.


Cloud Based CCTV Solutions

When it comes to CCTV systems, ASG is the go-to business in Gauteng for CCTV installations of industry-leading brands like Hikvision, Mobotix, Geovision, and Dahua. Our CCTV camera systems can accommodate 8, 16, or 32 channels, and they can be analogue, IP network, or hybrid, with the ability to record both day and night in real-time.

Save all of your CCTV footage in the cloud and watch it from any device, anywhere with ASG’s remote access solutions. No matter where you are, you can easily access, organise, and share footage to make sure that crucial monitoring is never missed.

The IoT, or Internet of Things, is a network of interconnected devices that relies on cloud security. One of the most recent developments in closed-circuit television and security camera technology is the shift towards cameras that can be connected to the cloud or Wi-Fi and can be placed virtually anywhere while still transmitting high-quality footage.

Connected cameras can send high-definition footage in real-time across a cloud network, giving security teams access to high-quality intelligence quickly. It also dismantles silos that are based on places or teams. A company-wide perspective on security operations is achievable with the consolidation of all sites and teams onto a single network.

Count on dependable recording, saving, and viewing capabilities with our 16-channel DVR system and its 4TB hard drive. Ideal for the most convenient surveillance setup, it comes with a 23-inch LED screen, 16-channel 12V power supply, and BNC connections and cables.

With ASG’s DVR system, you can optimise your surveillance capabilities and enhance collaboration in the cloud. It also provides for seamless integration of security services. No matter where you are, you can stay connected and in control. ASG is the go-to company for CCTV installations in the greater Johannesburg, East Rand, Sandton, Midrand, Randburg, Centurion, and Pretoria regions.

Discover the Incredible Potential of AI

One of the video security trends for 2024 is definitely the utilisation of AI. With the use of AI, we can now convert hours of redundant footage into data that can be used to analyse video security trends and patterns. Previously, security organisations could only learn from manually detected problems; now, they can also learn from hours of untapped video that were previously discarded. More and more companies are allocating funds to implement AI video analytics due to the significant amount of useful information this technology delivers.

Drawing on video analytics tools to provide big data is one of the most noteworthy advancements in commercial security cameras this year.

By utilising cutting-edge AI technology, ASG’s CCTV systems providers allow you access to superior analytics and smart video monitoring. Ensure utmost security and operational efficiency by accurately detecting and tracking items, recognising faces, and anticipating potential hazards.

Thinking forward to the next generation of CCTV technology, ASG is committed to driving innovation in the security business and keeping your safeguards ahead of the curve in areas such as mobile monitoring and control, the impact of 5G networks, and the integration of CCTV with other systems.

From homeowners to business owners, ASG offers the tools you need to be informed and safe. Join forces with ASG as we dive into the future of surveillance systems. Protect what’s important with cutting-edge security solutions.

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