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How Outsourcing IT Services to ASG Improves Productivity and Profits

How outsourcing IT can boost profits and productivity with ASG

Outsourcing IT Services can improve productivity and profits


It’s been an unending struggle for businesses to maximise their revenue and output. The search for new and better ways to make money and be more productive is a challenging one. Managed IT services have emerged as one of the most recent and most effective breakthroughs in this regard.

Due to inadequate internet connections, unreliable systems and outdated technology as well as natural calamities and cyber hacking efforts, downtime is extremely costly for enterprises. You may want to consider outsourcing some or all of your IT services to maximise your IT investment.

ASG is a Germiston-based IT support firm that benefits from numerous affiliations and relationships with leading IT and business solution providers in order to provide you with the most complete IT support services available. These collaborations ensure that we will be able to meet all your expectations.

With ASG’s IT outsourcing services, you’ll be able to meet business goals, add value, and manage risks. We can handle any and all of your computer-related concerns in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Computer repairs can be completed in the quickest amount of time feasible, with the smallest amount of disruption.

Our goal is to be the greatest outsourced IT service provider, and we use remote IT services as an alternate source for an on-site IT Technician. Aside from that, we have IT solutions that allow us to remotely control your entire IT infrastructure (both local and cloud). Using our remote IT help, we can resolve simple and complex issues in less time than it would take if we had to come to your location and fix it ourselves.


The Potential Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services to ASG

1. Server Security and POPI Compliance

Your server is the beating heart of your company’s network, handling traffic, securing data, granting users access to crucial documents and programmes, and storing an enormous amount of data. Your budget, time, and workflow could be severely affected if there is a problem with this system. Our network management experts will assist you in taking every precaution to keep your network safe.

We will ensure that your business is POPI compliant from an IT perspective so that the impact of a data breach or cybercrime activity within your organisation does not seriously impact your business reputation as well as your business relationships.

2. Monitored backups and Data Protection


Many organisations fail after a significant catastrophe, such as an explosion, fire, flood or other natural catastrophe, because they lack appropriate Disaster Recovery Planning. If you lose all of the data on your server, computer, or network, it could be a long time before you are back to where you were before.

You can have a virtual server up and running in minutes with ASG, and your company’s vital financial data is protected in the event of an emergency. We will provide you with a Disaster Recovery IT Plan, Data Protection, and Monitored Backup services, as well as off-site backup replication.

3. Assessment and consultation

An IT assessment and problem prevention audit will provide you a clear picture of where your firm sits technologically and where it’s going. We can build and map out a technical strategy to assist you in implementing change, prioritising initiatives, and reducing expenses once we’ve established your objectives and future plans of your business.

As a result of our extensive expertise and group of highly qualified, specialised individuals, we are able to provide IT consulting services to our clients and thereby help you eliminate the guesswork from selecting, implementing, and maintaining your IT systems. This comprises from needs analysis, infrastructure review, solution design and procurement, to installation and resource management.

4. Cloud services

The Cloud computer system is revolutionising how small, corporate, and government businesses are run. This innovative technology replaces pricey servers. Cloud computing means your network needs no server and hosting expenses are lower and paid incrementally, rather than in a single sum. Businesses can store more data on private PCs. Cloud computing makes updates and upgrades easier, requiring only a cursory look from security-minded users. Cloud computing connects smoothly with mobile browsing apps so you can access and review company tasks from anywhere. Google Docs, emails, and more are one click away.

There’s little doubt that cloud computing is the future, and ASG can help you migrate your systems incrementally so you and your team may test the waters and become accustomed with the system in steps.

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