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Expand your IT network and infrastructure

Monday, 04 September 2017 Written by

Expand your IT network and infrastructure without wasting millions on the wrong solutions and wasted time


If you have a rapid growing business and your IT demands are growing, it’s most likely causing you more challenges than ever. Your solutions could either be building your own infrastructure and go your own way or hire an IT Outsourcing and service firm to assist in solving your new needs.

Your urge to construct your own infrastructure or build onto your current solutions is strong because your business saves more, you know what your business needs and what could work best for your business.

Unfortunately, there can be a lot of complications and challenges when going this route. What may occur often in situations is that your IT infrastructure may become patchy and this leads to several systems instead of one complete, unchanging system. Money may have been saved to build and design your own system, but the losses that you face as a result of glitches are massive.

That’s were ASG comes into play. We’ll design you a simple IT infrastructure which can be suited and adapted to your type of business. Every solution is completely unique to your needs, which means there will be no money wasted on what you don’t need.

We do FREE IT assessments, which allows you to identify gaps within your IT infrastructure that you can fill for absolutely free.

ASG has a wide variety of backup, monitoring systems, connectivity solutions and cloud-hosted services which can provide your business with flawless IT support structure to ensure you can focus on what matters with the business instead of in it.

ASG provides exceptional IT Support using monitoring tools that are up-to-date, which means that your IT Network is the best stable platform for your business in order to succeed.

Why would one need IT Outsourcing?

Monday, 04 September 2017 Written by
When your business grows from a couple of people in a small office to medium/large enterprise, employing staff so that your IT needs match the amount of staff you have is important for the running of your business.

The growth of your IT support and infrastructure is important to reduce the pressures of software or hardware malfunction, complex sharing, connection downtime and backup systems.

ASG provides professional IT Outsourcing services. The highly experienced and qualified support technicians that ASG has available for you and your company will be by your side and ready to support you. We are able to provide you with all IT solutions from Hardware to Connectivity and support your Cloud Hosted services. We offer your business offsite and onsite support for your business and it can be adapted to suit your business needs.

Instead of using resources and time to train or recruit new technicians, why not save the time, effort and money and outsource your IT for only when you need IT support instead of paying month to month for a technician that may not be needed.

With over 30 years of proven IT services, you can trust ASG to take care of the IT side of your business. Contact us now to find what we can do for your business.

IT companies delivering predictable availability

Thursday, 10 August 2017 Written by
Technology is growing faster and faster every year and it’s time that your business is functioning on up-to-date tech.

Businesses that prepare for the real-world risks are able to remain competitive in the unpredictable market areas. Efficiency matters and if you’re operating with an IT infrastructure that is inefficient then you’ll be taking a risk. Modern cultures are now expecting companies to have online presence in order to be seen as ‘legitimate’. With cyber threats also on the rise, company data (inclusive of client details) has to be extra secure for legal and profit based reasons.

Operating without thoroughness to manage online risk is risking a lot more than profit. Your ability to stay in business will be at risk. Correct Corporate Governance should do all to assist and be sensible for the sake of a business’s future.

Why start now: The future is here and running a business with an unorganised, careless or outdated IT strategy is gone as competition and markets have never been so challenging. New business or start-ups are taking IT infrastructure more serious than ever and existing businesses have come to the realisation that it is time to switch over. IT infrastructure is the foundation from which a business operates and is important for investing in solid, proficient and safe pathways which are well worth it. Do not get left behind.

2016 taught us a lot: It was an unpredictable year, but it made it a good year for learning. ASG assisted multiple large companies in Disaster Recovery and we genuinely hope that your business was not one of the companies that had to find out the hard way that decisions are limited after the fact without fail-safes and preparations. 

RSA was stuck with increasing ransomware that is affecting more and more companies than ever. These malicious hackers aren’t likely to quit and the rate of hacks are expected to increase in the approaching year.

There were disasters relating to weather that also occurred in 2016. The weather caused servers to be destroyed and other damages that slowed down business growth. Click here to find out how hardware failure doesn’t need to cost time and money. An IT service provider than can help you with anything.

A future that could be filled with uncertainty: Be prepared for anything that comes your way. ASG gets you and your business back into control to ensure confidence instead of uncertainty.

ASG provides predictability: Safe data

ASG treats data like a valuable asset, do you do the same? ASG makes it a priority to keep your data secure from online hackers, lightening, malware attacks or other threats; your data is safe with ASG. There is no need to stress about evolving cyber threats; ASG gives you the armour that is needed to defend your business. No need to risk losing days of trading. 

Contact ASG (011 975 7521) for a FREE Backup Assessment, there will be no disruptions to work-flow.   

System efficiency: Your business should not lose productivity and profits because of malfunctioning software, broken hardware or untimely maintenance. ASG dedicates to your entire IT for smooth running to allow your business to do well. EVERYTHING is kept up-to-date and functioning properly with ASG. IT should be a ‘behind the scenes’ thing instead of wasting your time and distracting you and your staff from what is most important.

Stable connectivity: The time spent online is time spent making money. ASG understands you and keeps you online. Our most basic offerings still guarantees that you are back online within 24 hours.

Being adaptable in fluctuating markets: To accommodate the fluctuation we offer you month-to-month billing options. We adapt to what you need for when you need it and you will only pay for what you use. Your IT infrastructure will be personalised, agile and scalable as your business needs to be. 

Call today. One should not wait and see what happens in an unprepared fashion. If you and your business are ready for Enterprise level Service and Infrastructure, then advance agility and growth with ASG and our predictable availability. 

An IT service provider that can help you with everything IT

Thursday, 10 August 2017 Written by

If you have enlisted your various IT components to be taken care of by multiple businesses or you are not happy with you current IT provider, then this article should be read.

ASG Computers offers all services that have to do with IT, this means you will only have to deal with one IT account where ASG offers enterprise-quality services to you and your business.

Services such as:

  • Computer Support
  • Server and Network Support
  • Monitored Backups & Data protection
  • IT Security and Firewalls
  • IT Consulting Services
  • IT Assessment and Network Audit
  • IT Support Contracts
  • Computer Network Cabling - Wireless Networking
  • CCTV Installations
  • IT Training Courses - CompTIA
  • Cloud PBX Provider - Hosted PBX
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Office 365 - Google Apps
  • Neotel Channel Partner
  • Internet Connectivity - Fibre - LTE - Wireless
  • Rent to own – IT Financing
Enterprise-quality IT services makes the impact that you need to get a competitive advantage, but riding the same old horse will only diminish your opportunities as everyone will get ahead.

Get a FREE Disaster Recovery Assessment done today: Contact: 011 975 7521

The bigger picture: ASG can perform all of the above services which will allow you to focus on what really matters to keep your business running and growing instead of dealing with IT issues and scouring for different IT companies to solve your IT issue. There is virtually no down time experienced. ASG schedules your maintenance, updates and services so that a business doesn’t have their operations disrupted.

With ASG having over 30 years’ experience, tried, tested and proven disaster recovery is provided for Business Continuity. The increasing threat of data loses, cyber threats and ransomware an up-to-date backup ensures that you and your business doesn’t lose a day of business.

You can sign up for a backup system assessment for free

Real-time benefits: Your IT needs to be met. IT companies should be there to support your business and be by your side to ensure that your technology is geared towards meeting the goals and challenges of the future. A business should not fall behind with their technology and with ASG we ensure that your IT systems are efficient and effective every day.

The prefect size: A business should not settle for less and pay for services that are more than your business needs. ASG customises a service package that best suits your business and you don’t need to move, we come to you. IT services can be adapted to develop and meet your needs for now and the future.

Only pay for what is needed: There are businesses that tend to buy in bulk to attempt to save money.

Consider this example:

Company B purchases 20 laptops at bulk price, but only 12 are needed.  When the time comes that the 12th laptop is depleted, the eight that were kept in storage are now out-of-date and these laptops need systems updated to the latest thus time and energy is invested into the laptops that have out-of-date hardware.

Today with IT it is better to rather rent the equipment you need which allows for cash to be freed up by working with a pay-as-you-go system.

One can no longer make quick investments in out-dated professional copies of a system. With technology constantly evolving it is better to lease you licenses for the amount of staff one has. To have software as a service allows for you to always benefit from the up-to-date upgrades and security systems that protect your business. Most importantly you invest money only in what you use. For example, why should one pay for the whole Microsoft Office when you only need certain programmes? There is no need to waste money and ASG will not make you invest you money into anything that is not necessary.

Hardware that functions and easy-to-use: The IT plans that ASG offers ensures that when your hardware packs up, we’ll replace it. There is no time wasted while staff waits for the equipment to be fixed, arguments are no more with a manufacture’s fine print. ASG saves you on spending money on broken hardware or any other time wasters. The insurances and everything else is handled by us.

IT Experiences that promotes growth: ASG will adapt to the expert you need to solve the challenges and threats that could arise within your business. This customer/client knowledge and communication ensures that we cater for what you require.

There is no more challenges with multiple IT companies. There is no more ‘on hold’ calls with the IT customer call centre. ASG will eliminate having to contact multiple companies and provide you with IT experts if you face any issues, have questions, require assistance. We will have an IT professional waiting to help you on one dedicated contact number.

The above mentioned will free up you budget and you will have more time to invest in the correct areas of your business. Business and work should be enjoyable right? Not spoiled by unnecessary incompetency and frustrations.

Taking a step forward: ASG will take the time to invest in details, develops unique solutions, efficiency is a passion of ours. Our success is connected with you success.

Why IT Security Solutions are valuable for your business

Sunday, 23 July 2017 Written by

Businesses in South Africa have survived for many years against undesirable cyber-attacks and today everything has the potential to be hacked. These threats are striking your business and home every day. 

It is time to protect you and your business.

ASG has responded to multiple attacks that were disastrous to businesses that were not prepared. Data being treated as an asset should not have a careless approach. You may want to reconsider and upgrade and take IT System, Security and Backup as a key part of your business stability plan.

If steps have not been taken to secure your security systems then it is only a matter of time before an uninvited cybercriminal intercepts your business and attacks your vulnerabilities. Malware, Ransomware and hostile hackers attempt to share your data, ransack and intrude systems. Arm yourself today and prevent your data, profits and your future from being hijacked. 

ASG Computers is an industry leader and running strong for over 30 years.

ASG Computers wants your business to prosper and continue to add value to South Africa’s economy. So we have invested resources to give you the opportunity to have a free IT assessment program performed on your business.

We value security for any businesses because ASG believes that our futures are worth protecting.

What ASG won’t do:

  • There won’t be any persistent sales rep to bother you.
  • Your business information will never be sold or shared.
  • Your time will not be wasted when working with ASG.
What ASG will do:

  • An IT assessment will be provided for free with no strings attached.
  • Express to you any security gaps within your IT infrastructure.
  • Recommend ways to optimize your systems for better performance.
  • Our expertise will be shared with you so that you know what is required to take your IT systems to a new level and allow for greater business flexibility and continuity.
As your business continues to grow and your IT infrastructure needs to become more advanced, ASG Computers is on standby and ready to assist you.

Services offered to you by an IT support company

Wednesday, 18 May 2016 Written by

What are the services offered to you by an IT support company? They are incredibly varied, but a good IT company will have a wide range of them available.

Why backup data is so important

Thursday, 08 September 2016 Written by

Why is backup data so important? Well, because if you have a backup for your operation, you will never have to fear losing any of the things that you or your company have been working on, of course! Crating a backup means that you are making a copy of all of the data that you have within your establishment.

Top ICT companies can help to transform your business

Thursday, 08 September 2016 Written by

As a small to medium business, don ??t you wish that you had a reliable IT support company that could help you with everything that you need? ?As a small to medium business, don ??t you wish that you had a reliable IT support company that could help you with everything that you need? Are you tired of paying awful technician call-out fees for ancillary problems? Even though these questions sound like the standard issue Verimark questions, you should be taking them seriously as a business owner.

Top tips for maintaining your computer

Monday, 01 August 2016 Written by

Having a fully functioning PC is a necessity in any work place.

What you need to get your computers in tip top shape

Monday, 01 August 2016 Written by

"Your computers need to be in tip top shape if you want to run a successful business.

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