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IT companies delivering predictable availability

IT companies delivering predictable availability
Technology is growing faster and faster every year and it’s time that your business is functioning on up-to-date tech.

Businesses that prepare for the real-world risks are able to remain competitive in the unpredictable market areas. Efficiency matters and if you’re operating with an IT infrastructure that is inefficient then you’ll be taking a risk. Modern cultures are now expecting companies to have online presence in order to be seen as ‘legitimate’. With cyber threats also on the rise, company data (inclusive of client details) has to be extra secure for legal and profit based reasons.

Operating without thoroughness to manage online risk is risking a lot more than profit. Your ability to stay in business will be at risk. Correct Corporate Governance should do all to assist and be sensible for the sake of a business’s future.

Why start now: The future is here and running a business with an unorganised, careless or outdated IT strategy is gone as competition and markets have never been so challenging. New business or start-ups are taking IT infrastructure more serious than ever and existing businesses have come to the realisation that it is time to switch over. IT infrastructure is the foundation from which a business operates and is important for investing in solid, proficient and safe pathways which are well worth it. Do not get left behind.

2016 taught us a lot: It was an unpredictable year, but it made it a good year for learning. ASG assisted multiple large companies in Disaster Recovery and we genuinely hope that your business was not one of the companies that had to find out the hard way that decisions are limited after the fact without fail-safes and preparations. 

RSA was stuck with increasing ransomware that is affecting more and more companies than ever. These malicious hackers aren’t likely to quit and the rate of hacks are expected to increase in the approaching year.

There were disasters relating to weather that also occurred in 2016. The weather caused servers to be destroyed and other damages that slowed down business growth. Click here to find out how hardware failure doesn’t need to cost time and money. An IT service provider than can help you with anything.

A future that could be filled with uncertainty: Be prepared for anything that comes your way. ASG gets you and your business back into control to ensure confidence instead of uncertainty.

ASG provides predictability: Safe data

ASG treats data like a valuable asset, do you do the same? ASG makes it a priority to keep your data secure from online hackers, lightening, malware attacks or other threats; your data is safe with ASG. There is no need to stress about evolving cyber threats; ASG gives you the armour that is needed to defend your business. No need to risk losing days of trading. 

Contact ASG (011 975 7521) for a FREE Backup Assessment, there will be no disruptions to work-flow.   

System efficiency: Your business should not lose productivity and profits because of malfunctioning software, broken hardware or untimely maintenance. ASG dedicates to your entire IT for smooth running to allow your business to do well. EVERYTHING is kept up-to-date and functioning properly with ASG. IT should be a ‘behind the scenes’ thing instead of wasting your time and distracting you and your staff from what is most important.

Stable connectivity: The time spent online is time spent making money. ASG understands you and keeps you online. Our most basic offerings still guarantees that you are back online within 24 hours.

Being adaptable in fluctuating markets: To accommodate the fluctuation we offer you month-to-month billing options. We adapt to what you need for when you need it and you will only pay for what you use. Your IT infrastructure will be personalised, agile and scalable as your business needs to be. 

Call today. One should not wait and see what happens in an unprepared fashion. If you and your business are ready for Enterprise level Service and Infrastructure, then advance agility and growth with ASG and our predictable availability. 000
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