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If you’d like to further your career or simply add an extra facet to your bag of IT tricks, check out our certified CompTIA IT training courses to give you the boost you need. 


ASG offers online IT training courses and classroom training to suite every student. Our Comptia A+ Training course will prepare you for real world PC support and Computer repairs. Need help with your networking skills, our Comptia N+ training course will have you managing your companies network in no time.

Once you have attended our Comptia Server + training course, you will make your servers hum. ASG’s advanced Linux training and Project Management training courses will prepare our students for the professional work environment and your skills will be in demand.

You might also be interested in Microsoft Certification, Cisco training, and ethical hacking courses.

IT training for Comptia - ASG

Hands on Bootcamp

When we started providing IT training courses back in 2006, we were shocked to discover that most training manuals were almost exclusively dedicated to theoretical knowledge. Apart from a few examples of commands to use or basic configuration guidelines, you were left to work through volumes of text without ever knowing how to apply what you have learned to live equipment in the real world.

Let’s fast forward 12 to 13 years and very little has changed in the training industry. We still wonder how, when around 50% of your exam marks are based on performance-based or hands-on skills and knowledge, that many books still give very little and sometimes no regard to equipping students with the skills they need to both pass the exam and then become able earn in their chosen career as a network, security, or cloud engineer or whatever your career path you choose.

Our boot-camps, also referred to as the “ASG Difference” are here to transform what you have learned in your e-Learning and/or study guides into valuable skills you will be using from day one on your job as an IT, network, security, or cloud engineer. For example, we don’t just teach DHCP, instead, we show you how to configure a DHCP server, which addresses you shouldn’t use, and which parameters you can allocate to hosts. If the protocol isn’t working, we show you what the probable cause is and then how to fix it. Does that sound more useful? We certainly hope so.
We choose the most relevant parts of the exam syllabus and at times use free software or free trials to walk you through configurations and troubleshooting commands step by step. As your confidence grows, we increase the difficulty level. If you want to be an exceptional IT or Cloud engineer, you can make your own labs up, add other technologies, try to break them, fix them, and do it all over again.

Hands on bootcamp for Comptia by ASG